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December 18, 2013

Easy Easel Calendar | Damask Love Blog


Well, friends. Here we go. I’m about tapped out on holiday projects…although I may squeeze in a couple more! Instead, I am jonesin’ for some handmade calendar goodness. (only true paper addicts say things like “jonesin’ for a handmade calendar”)

I thought we should start things off with a bang and I think this project does the trick. It’s crazy simple to make but is quite a little showstopper once it’s all said and done. I first got the idea for this calendar when I saw THIS beauty. I decided to change up the design slightly so that you’ll just need one sheet of cardstock for the easel portion of the calendar…and of course I broke out Let’s Make a Date for it’s blog debut! Let’s get started.

Easy Easel Calendar | Damask Love Blog


When you’re done scoring, folding and adhering, you’ll have a blank canvas begging for some love. It’s no secret that I love, love, love floral stamps – so that was the obvious go to. WPlus9 is currently kicking some serious stamp designing arse with their floral sets.  Fresh Cut Florals and More Fresh Cuts may very well be 2013’s “Stamps Most Likely to Make it into your  Last Will and Testament.”

Ummm, hyperbole much, Amber?


Easy Easel Calendar | Damask Love Blog


The next part of this project is the calendar (Unless, of course,  you know someone who would like to receive a folded piece of paper with a slit across the middle. In that case, you can leave the calendar part out).  

Easy Easel Calendar | Damask Love Blog

Easy Easel Calendar | Damask Love Blog{1} Once you’ve stamped all twelve months using Let’s Make a Date, trim a piece of chipboard to the same size as the pieces of cardstock.

{2} Use the Perfect Binding technique to adhere the pages and chipboard together.

{3} Allow the glue to dry ensuring that there is a relatively strong bond.

{4} Slip the chipboard piece into the slit cut on the easel. As each month passes, each page is easily torn off of the  perfect bound calendar.

Easy Easel Calendar | Damask Love Blog Easy Easel Calendar | Damask Love Blog

Easy Easel Calendar | Damask Love Blog

SupplyListHEaderRemember! You can use the code DLTOILE13 until January 31 to receive 10% off your entire order from Ellen Hutson. This is a great excuse to grab some pretty floral stamp sets for yourself!

13 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Date: Easy Easel Calendar”

  1. Seriously Amber. Just when I think you could not possibly out do yourself…you go and raise the bar again! Fun fact-those roses in yellow are my FAVORITE for that image. Love absolutely everything about this. Gorgeous stamping and beautiful design. What a lucky recipient!

  2. The calendar looks amazing! Although I’m wondering if you have any ideas on how to make the calendar part without your stamp set, since its sold out. Love your posts but so many of them require purchasing a stamps of some sort!

    1. Hi Chelsea! Glad you love this calendar! For most of my calendar projects you can print out your own calendar if you’d like. The Let’s Make a Date stamp set will be back in stock soon if you’d like to add it to your collection. I’ll be posting about it here and on the Damask Love Facebook page!

  3. Just made my first Let’s Make a Date calendar and I am impressed!!!! I love how it turned out. The stamps yielded a high quality image. I used the bookbinding technique, awesome! I LOVE IT!!! My friends did too, thanks for a great product.

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