DIY Chipboard Llama Desk Buddy with Cricut Maker

February 22, 2018

I don’t have any pets. I had a dog once. Correction, one day (before my parents got divorced) my dad came home with a stray dog that he let roam around our backyard, before my mom put the kabbash on that foolishness. If I had to choose a pet, I’d definitely go with something low […]

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How to Paint Your Own Patterned Fabric

February 15, 2018

I am obsessed with today’s post. OBSESSED. There is something SO satisfying about painting patterns  – especially when they are this simple. Now, let’s bet clear. I do NOT consider myself an artist by any stretch of the imagination. I’m a crafter who masquerades as an artist from time to time. Today is one of […]

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Easy DIY Pop-Up Valentine’s Day Cards

February 8, 2018

Everyone loves a pop-up card. EVERYONE. If you meet someone who doesn’t love a pop-up card …then don’t trust ’em. Consider yourself warned! Now, if you’re  reading this tutorial, there’s good chance you hopped over from our weekly Damask Live show on Facebook! Every Thursday at 2:30PM we go live to show you an awesome […]

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Alphabet Punchboard Paper Heart Garland

February 6, 2018

If I had it may way, pink and red would be a classic color combination. They wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day colors. They’d be sort of …um…neutrals. Given my penchant for pink and red, you can imagine how happy I am during this time of year, when shades of pink abound and you don’t have to […]

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VIDEO: DIY Painted Oars

January 23, 2018

Last week, I bought a purple fur coat. If you ask me, hot pink is a neutral. And if my house was burning down, I’d grab my son, my husband, my computer…and the Chanel handbag that I inherited from Anna Griffin. If you’ve made it this far, you’re surely wondering – “Amber, what the hell […]

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