Behind The Scenes: Introducing: Let’s Make a Date

December 16, 2013

HeaderFor the last two years, I’ve been sharing custom calendar projects here on the blog. If you haven’t been around to see them, just go HERE and take a trip down memory lane.

Traditionally, I share a bunch of printable calendars and add handstamped embellishments. For a while, I’ve been wanting a stamp set that would allow me more options for customizing my own calendars. Finally, I decided to create a simple stamp set that let’s me stamp any month of the year using any ink onto any surface. Gotta love options , right? What was first a stamp set that I planned on using just for myself, Β is now a set that I’ve decided you might enjoy as well. So here I am. Introducing: Let’s Make a Date. An incredibly simple but versatile set that you can use to stamp calendars for 2014 ….or 2055…or 2114…you get the idea.

Now instead of giving you a hum drum post that just lists the details of this set, Andrew and I decided it was time to do another infomercial…because the first one was oh so much fun.

[ylwm_vimeo height=”400″ width=”600″ ]81972683[/ylwm_vimeo]

Introducing: Let's Make a DateNow that you know how Let’s Make a Date works, I hope you’ll hang out with me for the next few weeks while I share creative ideas for using this set. I’ve never been so excited to make a calendar!! To help you in stamping your own calendars with this stamp set, feel free to refer to the cheat sheet below which quickly gives you all the details you need for stamping each month of Β 2014.

Introducing: Let's Make a Date


Let’s Make a Date Stamp Set

25 thoughts on “Introducing: Let’s Make a Date”

  1. Amber, that infomercial was hilarious!!! ROTFL! Andrew’s facial expressions were priceless. Thanks for making this available for purchase. I really appreciate it and already placed my order. Gotta get started on these calendars. I’m still amazed when some of my co-workers, who I don’t give handmade calendars to because I have no idea who they are, usually asks for one eventhough they have a store bought one on their desk. I look forward to your projects. TTYL

  2. Amber, I think that may have been the fastest buying decision I ever made. No hesitation! I love your annual calendars, and I’m hopeless at hybrid projects, so being able to create my own calendars with all stamping is PERFECT! Thank-you! I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

  3. love this, it’s going on my Christmas wish list!

    I love you, so I should warn you that the Beastie Boys have a little legal spat with GoldieBlox after they made a parody of a BB song ‘Girls’ in a promotional video for their product. It’s all a little petty, because the toy and the message are great and I’m left feeling a little less fond of the Beastie Boys. I doubt they’re trolling the internet looking for people using their songs in adorable videos, but hey! one never knows! πŸ˜‰

    1. Meghan! Thanks for this info. I love that GoldieBlox commercial!! That said, I will definitely keep this in mind for future videos. I can only hope they don’t come after me…I’m just over here tryin to be crafty!! LOL!

      1. I know, right?! I had “She’s crafty, is she just your type?” as my headline on an internet dating site. Hope they don’t come after me either – unless it’s for a date.

  4. You two are hilarious….there is no second thoughts here…..always looked forward to those calenders you created…and now I get to create my own! You are one creative genius in your own right!

  5. Awesome! I’ve been wanting a true full calendar stamp set for awhile. I couldn’t order this fast enough! I love making mini calendars. Thanks, Amber! And by the way, the video is too cute!

  6. Andrew, you are wonderful in this infomercial. It made me laugh. out. loud. Amber, your awesomeness continues. You two make quite the crafty couple!

  7. I’m toooooo late! This would not have happened if I had this set to keep myself current.

    When will they be available again? You should create a Wait List and put my name at the top of that list.

  8. I purchased your beautiful set and love it! I do not understand the cheat sheet date? Are you posting samples using this set? This would such a big inspiration boost!!

    Thank you


    Who did you go with to make a customized stamp? I’ve been searching the interwebs for ages and keep getting the wedding ones with the names. I would like to design my own (non texty/calendary) for my own use. If you could direct me where, I would be forever grateful!

    1. I would recommend for creating your own stamp OR you can stay tuned for tomorrow’s post which will also teach you how to design your own stamps.

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