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October 20, 2014

DIY Apple Pie Pop Sticks | Damask Love Project-Ranking-Format

We’re in the home stretch people. Five-ish weeks before this kiddo makes his appearance and I’m finishing out this pregnancy with one last craving: apple pie. The bakery at The Fresh Market makes really good ones – and over the last month, I’ve polished off two. Pies that is. Two pies. I’m not ashamed. And, they are particularly delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This whole apple pie thing might explain my recent increase in apple themed crafts. Like THIS one…and THIS one too …oh, and then there was the cute apple project I posted a year ago! Welp – let the apple crafting continue. I think you’ll like this one. It’s super easy and really, really cute. Really.

DIY Apple Pie Pop Sticks | Damask LoveThe must have items of this project are the rock candy sticks. You gotta have that little ball on the end in order to make these. I find that when you have these on hand, you find lots of ways to use them. Thankfully, they don’t take up much space in your craft space.


{1} Paint one stick with brown paint

{2} Use a pair of strong scissors to trim on the teeny tiniest bit of the brown stick. When it comes to scissors for this project, I love my Fiskars Amplify Scissors. They are intended for multi media projects and can cut through lots of thick materials.

{3} Paint the ball of each stick with red paint.

{4} Use a tiny dab of hot glue to adhere the brown “stem” to the top of the “apple”

{5} Create a teeny leaf shape with your 1/2″ circle punch.

{6} Use hot glue to adhere the leaf to the stem

IMPORTANT: For this project, I baked little mini apple pies on the end of each stick. Be sure to bake the pies BEFORE you do any painting or gluing! To make the mini apple pie pops, just use a circle cookie cutter to cut out pie crust. Sandwich some apple pie filling between two circle and pinch the edges closed with a fork. Very easy.


DIY Apple Pie Pop Sticks | Damask Love

DIY Apple Pie Pop Sticks | Damask LoveI packed up these pops in a pretty box with a tag that I printed and cut out with my Cricut Explore. The little apple embellishment is simple to create. Just follow THIS tutorial to see how it’s done. Gotta love that sentiment on the tag, right?

DIY Apple Pie Pop Sticks | Damask Love


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