DIY: Corral The Chaos: DIY Scrap Paper Library

February 27, 2013

Corral the Chaos: Scrap Paper Library | Damask Love Blog






Those are my four criteria when it comes to craft room organization. I’d be lying if I told you that my current organizational systems meet each of these criteria, but I’m hoping to get there slowly but surely.

Once, I organized my excess spools of ribbon into neat containers on a shelf in my closet. Every time I reached for a container, the rest fell on me, nearly causing the dramatic demise of a craft blogger. “Here lies AmberKG. Found lifeless under a stack of grosgrain and baker’s twine.” This system was not accesible.

Or my current system of organizing patterned paper pads in a huge plastic tub in the middle of the floor. Not pretty.

Today, I have another Corral the Chaos idea for you that gets a checkmark for all four categories. It’s a super simple solution…so simple that I’m almost embarrassed to show you. Truth is though – this is how I organize my scrap paper.

In my Craft Room Tour post, I showed you a picture of my main cardstock storage…

Craftroom Storage Solution for Cardstock


This White Mesh File Cart from the Container Store serves as my primary storage for full sheets of cardstock as well as large scrap pieces of cardstock. I bought it during a 40% sale, which made it affordable and since it’s on wheels and stores neatly beneath my desk, it’s very accessible too.

Eventually, though – my scrap pieces of cardstock get too small for this system and I have to move them to the “Scrap Library” – where little pieces of scrap paper go for their one last shot at paper crafting fame!

DIY Scrap Paper Library | Damask Love Blog

What-you-Need-graphic{1} Clear greeting card boxes: I have a crazy big stash of these simply because they packaged all of my Papertrey Ink stamp sets! I was never quite sure what I’d do with them, but I’m happy I kept them around because they came in handy for this easy peasy storage solution.  If you don’t have a stash of clear greeting card boxes, you can purchase them in a variety of sizes from HERE. My boxes measure 5.5″ x 5.5″ and work perfectly for my “not-so-big” scrap paper leftovers. If you have a ton more scraps, you can use bigger greeting card boxes.

{2} Double-sided adhesive. I used Crafty Power Tape because it’s extra sticky!

Paper Scrap Library Instructions | Damask Love


To make your own library,  flatten the clear box and trim one inch off the top.

Paper Scrap Library | Damask Love Blog

Securing the bottom flaps to the OUTSIDE will ensure that slips of paper don’t get stuck in the flap of the box or slip through and fall out.

Paper Scrap Library On Desk


These plastic containers offer a easy and durable way to organize your scraps. I can reach for these again and again and not worry about too much wear and tear. They also fit on the shelf just above my crafting desk, which means I can reach for them easily and make good use of my itty-bitty scraps of paper.



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