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February 26, 2013

5 Ingredient Paper Cupcake | Damask Love Blog

The Spread the Love Campaign continues throughout this week as Clear & Simple Stamps encourages us all to share our blog crushes with the creative blogging community. For me, word of mouth has been the best way for me to find out about all the fabulous, creative bloggers out there. On Sunday, I shared on of my many blog crushes: You Are My Fave. Today, I’ve got another blog crush for you as well as another project that I’m sort of obsessed with. It is after all… a cupcake.

Now for the reveal of my blog crush…

I Heart The Fresh Exchange | Damask Love Blog

The Fresh Exchange by Meg Gilger is a creative lifestyle blog that inspires me in so many ways. First, each of her posts is perfectly styled and I find myself studying the layouts everyday! I love her use of handwriting in the text of her photos, and that’s something I’ve been playing with thanks to her inspiration. Meg’s laid back style comes through each post whether it be fashion, travel or hosting fabulous parties like this crazy beautiful outdoor summer soiree that pretty much left me feeling extreme levels of jelly. One of my favorite elements of The Fresh Exchange is the “Just 5” feature, where Meg shares simple recipes and beautiful photography. Check out these Egg Baskets…yum.

So…with her Just 5 feature in mind, I decided to do a Just 5 of my own…but with a papercrafter’s twist. Here’s what I came up with:

5 Ingredient Paper Cupcake 1 | Damask Love

…because we all wish for a calorie free cupcake, right?

5 Ingredient Paper Cupcake Supplies | Damask Love Blog

{1} Six triangles die cut from the second largest shape in the Clear & Simple Stamps Triangle Shapes Die collection

{2} Green baker’s twine

{3} A red button

{4} A 1/4″ x 10″ strip of cardstock in the same color as the triangle die cuts.

{5} One large cupcake wrapper die cut from the Clear and Simple Stamps Cupcake Wrapper Die collection.
5 Ingredient Paper Cupcake Instructions 1 | Damask Love Blog

{1} Adhere triangles to the strip of cardstock so that they span the entire length of the strip. I suggest using craft glue for this to ensure best adhesion. Once adhered, thread the baker’s twine through the tip of each triangle as shown.

{2}Adhere the first and last triangles to create a “crown.”

{3} Pull the twine to the center and secure with a knot and tie button into place.

5 Ingredient Paper Cupcake Instructions 2 | Damask Love Blog

{4} So….I think this probably counts as a sixth “ingredient” but I’m gonna go ahead and use creative license and say that it’s not! To close the bottom of these little cupcake container, I suggest adhering the cupcake wrapper to something, like a doily or maybe just a piece of cardstock. The Clear & Simple Doily die would work perfectly here or better yet…the Cupcake Stands would be so adorable with this project!

*I added some microbeads to the top of my “cupcake” but this step is totally optional…not to mention, if I add microbeads to the supply list, I’m really pushing things on this “Just 5” project.  Just being honest!

Paper Cupcake Favor Box 1 | Damask Love

Paper Cupcake Favor Box | Damask Love

16 thoughts on “Spread the Love: Another blog crush of mine…”

    1. Hi Crystal! This project would be perfect for a little girl!As for posts about tools – I did do a series a while back called “Start Your Stash” where I reviewed some of my favorite tools and supplies. Are the particular tools that you are interested in learning about?

  1. Super cute project! I’ve never made a cupcake in my entire life! lol. I have to give this a try! This might just be my very first cupcake. hehe. 🙂

  2. This is so stinkin’ cute! Love it!

    Quick question for you Amber: can you share what font you’re using for the “calorie-free” text in your photo?

    1. The fond is called Bombshell Pro, though I believe Amber has altered it slightly in some places for aesthetic purposes. The font is unfortunately not cheap and I haven’t been able to find a less expensive (i.e. free) substitute that matches closely.


  4. Hi there! This is an older post, but I’m hoping you might see my question and answer (fingers crossed!).
    Can you tell me approximately what size the base of the triangles are? I don’t have a die cutting machine but am thinking I can make do with scissors – and knowing that length would be very helpful!
    This is lovely! I need a paper cupcake as a display of sorts and am hopeful this might work! Thank you for the tutorial!

    1. Hi there! The length of the assembled triangles is 10″ so as long as you cut out triangles that fit onto a 10″ strip you should be in good shape. I hope that helps!

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