Blog: Damask Love Facebook Videos Are Here!

January 2, 2017

You know all those videos you see on Facebook? The ones that are super speedy and cool. The ones that show you how to make a prime rib in thirty seconds or how to make crock pot stew faster than your average TV commercial. Well – Damask Love is throwing its hat into the “speedy Facebook video” ring!

Today we are launching a brand new part of Damask Love that is exclusively available on the Damask Love Facebook Fan Page. Each Monday, a new video tutorial will launch showing you a simple, fun, doable project! I’m excited to share more craftiness with you so make sure you’re following along.…and while you’re at it, make sure your best friend’s, mother’s, cousin’s, brother is following along to. Word on the street is that he loves to get crafty, too.

Catch you on Facebook! (P.S. Remember when it was called “The Facebook“? Man, I’m old.)

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