DIY: Style Watch: A Little Box of Love

January 27, 2013


Every once in a while I’ll say something like, “I love your more than donuts,” or “I love you more than mac & cheese.” If I ever say this to you, then I must really really really love you. My penchant for donuts and mac & cheese is unparalleled…and yes, I will gladly eat them in the same meal (although not in the same bite…that’s just nasty).

Last week, I posted a Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar (aka: advent calendar for those of us who didn’t get off our arse to make a Christmas one). Luckily, you guys loved it! Your comments were so awesome and you clearly have the same obsession that I do with the Clear & Simple Stamps Mini Trifold Die Collection! So, with that in mind, I’m back today with another fun & simple idea for putting your mini envies to work!

Along with the Party Favor 2 dies, I created a box filled with a mini envelope banner. This time around, I opted for vellum envelopes with patterned notecards peeking through.  I used mini library clips to attach each envelope to a piece of twine. I told you this was simple, people!


Mini Love in a Box Storyboard


Inside of each envelope, just write a simple little note that works with the tag on the outside of the box.

Mini Box of Love Notecards


Then package it up and give it away to someone you love! Easy enough, right?

Mini Box of Love 1

Thanks for stopping by! Remember, today is the last day of the Lifestyle Crafts 50% sale! You can use the code DAMASK to get half off your order.

See you tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Style Watch: A Little Box of Love”

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  2. Another great idea, Amber! I love how you arranged each envie in the box, too…so pretty! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. Drat! I tried to order the envelope die (and a few others) but all the ones I wanted were out of stock :(. I love your project and your Style Guide! Favorite part of your blog *Ü*

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