DIY: Style Watch: Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar

January 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Advent Calendar


I told myself that I would make an advent calendar for Christmas. That didn’t happen. It’s not because I’m a slacker or anything (ha!) – it’s really because I’ve decided that advent calendars make a lot more sense for Valentine’s day. (See how I rationalized that…I’m good at coming up with excuses).

Clear and Simple Stamps recently released the cutest little miniature envelope – and let’s be honest, mini envies are the best. I die cut mine from woodgrain embossed cardstock, then added notes on the inside using patterned paper.  Of course there are 14 envies …

Valentine's Day Advent Calendar Overhead


On each of the notes, I stamped the numbers one through fourteen, using Cake Decorating, Too.

Mini Love Notes

Mini Love Notes Written


Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow for a fun party of a post! Until then, come visit me on Instagram! We’re in New York for the weekend and having all sorts of fun!


19 thoughts on “Style Watch: Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar”

  1. I love your rationalization! And, I love your Valentine Advent calendar. You are so clever! And gosh – one more thing I love is a chance to win something. I have taken every single “Online Card Classes” class and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. Can’t wait for C&S2 to begin and I’m excited that you will be a part of it. Thanks for an opportunity to win.

  2. *Swoon* OMG, I LOVE this calendar!!!! Gorgeous, romantic, classy, sophisticated!!!! Wow!! I want those tiny little envelopes!!! *sniff, sniff*

    Hey, I’m from NY! Continue to have a blast in the greatest city in the world!!! (;

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