Behind The Scenes: The Roundup: Ice Cream Crafts

July 22, 2016

Use your Cricut Explore and a cardboard box to create a child's pretend play ice cream cartDIY Cardboard Box Ice Cream Cart

Can someone explain to me how “Ice Cream & Cake” became a thing? I don’t get it. Let me be clear. I love ice cream. I love cake. I do not love cold mushy soup with chunks of spongy cake floating around. It’s just not my fave. I’d rather have one or the other. Today I’m opting for ice cream in celebration of this week’s National Ice Cream day celebrations.

  1. Sprinkles on my ice cream and my shoes?!?
  2. And while we’re on the topic of shoes and ice cream
  3. I can’t handle how adorably delicious these ice cream cones are! 
  4. Unicorn Ice Cream! Are you kidding me?! I am all over this one. 
  5. Will someone please make this and send it to me? Pretty please, with a chocolate syrup and a cherry on top?
  6. Childhood dreams completed? ✔️✔️

1 thought on “The Roundup: Ice Cream Crafts”

  1. LOL – I always have my ice cream on the side… I don’t like soggy cake either…
    Your ice cream theme is the perfect wrap up for a week here in North Texas-it is 100 degrees today. WHEW!
    Thanks for all the great ice cream ideas! I think I’ll go have some of the real stuff now… 🙂

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