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I’m one of those people who can never figure out what to order on the menu…so inevitably, I annoy the server with my hodge podge order requesting the classic cheeseburger… but add grilled onions…hold the mayo…and tempura mushrooms instead of shoestring fries. Yeah, they love to see me walking in. I’m every waiter’s nightmare.

So, when my girl Brittany from House that Lars Built emailed me asking that I select my favorite color in celebration of her newest book…I was equally indecisive. So, rather than select one color…I selected them all!

Rainbow truly is my favorite color. Is that crazy? Good ol’ Roy G. Biv has never let me down and if you ask me, every color looks better when it’s combined with all the others!

Brittany’s new book, My Life in Color was just released as a companion to the beautiful Craft the Rainbow and encourages us all to explore the colors of the  rainbow and all the experiences, stories and memories associated with each.

What is YOUR favorite color and why? Do you look great wearing that color? Do you have a favorite flower in that color? Do you love to decorate with that color? Tell me all about it!

For me, rainbows allow me to express my loud, outgoing personality through color and it’d be a shame to pick just one color – so why not celebrate them all.

Some of my favorite Damask Love projects have included rainbows including THIS rainbow made of embroidery hoops  and THIS tote bag!

If you’re a color lover like me and like Brittany, take a minute to snag her newest books and dive deep into exploring the meaningful ways color impacts your everday. Her book, journal and notebook also make an awesome gift!

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34 thoughts on “My Life in Color

  1. Rainbow is my FAV color too. Isn’t everyone’s? I know two little damask lovelies who would certainly agree. This was a great article and your picture came out great. I hope you didn’t have to do too many takes.

  2. My favorite colors are purple and green
    but your blog is inspiring me to step out of my color safety net 😀
    that flat lay is beautiful.

    1. YAAAAASSS! I love it when you guys try something new! So happy that you’re feeling inspired to try new colors! But I must say, purple and green are a great place to start!

  3. My favorite color is olive/army green. I wear it almost every day. I don’t know why I like it. It’s kind of a neutral, you can wear almost any color with it. When I was a kid I liked purple and fluorescent pink. I still like them, but really love that neutral green.

    1. You know what? I LOVE olive and army green! I have a fatigue print jacket that I wear with EVERYTHING! It’s such a great neutral but still adds a little color, ya know?

      1. I’m happy that you love these colors but I hate them. Mostly because it’s all we saw at our house for 26 years! My honey is a retired Army man. Don’t get my wrong I loved it and him and am very proud of his service! But I really don’t want to see this colors again.

        1. Isn’t it funny how our experiences with color can make us love them or absolutely HATE them! My mom had a beigish-orange Volvo when I was growing up and now whenever I see a similarly colored car, I cringe!

  4. Love hues of Blue which I have everywhere in my home. I love dark blues to teal blues to light blues. I may even wear it a lot.

    1. Blue is one the toughest colors for me! I never know which shade to choose. I love a cerulean blue or a teal. Colbalt is probably the hardest for me – but I love it anyway!

  5. Amber, I LOVE peach in all its different hues, from soft pink peach to edgy tangerine peach. They are all beautiful to me. That said, I am attracted to every rainbow thing on the planet. I even bought the WRM case with the rainbow boxes inside because it was so beautiful!! Thanks for this great blog piece. The pictures are yummy and really the colors look good enough to eat! Love ya, gal!

  6. For many many years I was a pink girl, but then realized I needed to branch out with the rainbow! Rainbow colors make me happy!

    1. Pink is also my go-to color but whenever I find a rainbow print, I am just drawn to it! I guess it’s because it can be tough to wear rainbow or use it in your home without looking like Rainbow Brite. But when done well, I think rainbow can be so chic!

  7. My favorite color is Rainbow as well! I feel each color represents something different and each is equally important. What is red without complimentary green or orange or yellow? What is turquoise without pairing it with a nice pale pink or coral? Each is unique and wonderful in its’ own way.

  8. PINK GLITTER. I’m talkin nail polish, as a lipstick, maybe every once in a while around the eyes. I love the way the pink looks when it’s shiny.

  9. I love all colors, but pink is probably my favorite. I work and live with all men and I need a little girlie in my like. LOL.

  10. Mustard was my favorite color and nothing could change my mind until I got pregnant with a little boy and decided that he was going to wear navy and love bunnies. But then I lost him at 16 weeks of pregnancy and the color navy reminds me of the love I have and will always have for him. Now, I feel bad for all of my future child because everything will be navy ?

    1. Wow – what a beautiful way to remember your son. Navy is one of my favorite colors too – it’s neutral like black but not so harsh. Thank you for sharing this navy memory.

  11. I’m a sucker for jewel tones! My five-year-old daughter always tells everyone her favorite color is rainbow. I love her viewpoint… and yours too! ?

  12. I am a huge fan of rainbow colors. Color do looks more cheerful when you combine them. If there are colors that i am not a fan of that would be jewel tone. I call them serious colors and I prefer happy, cheerful colors. ?

    1. LOL! Looks like we have a jewel tone showdown!! I agree that jewel tones can be “serious” but I’ve always loved them when autumn rolls around. They are my way to avoid brown and khaki for the entire fall season!

  13. Sea foam green is my favorite color & I like to think I look good in it ?. I haven’t seen a flower in that color but that would be awesome! I LOVE to decorate with it but my husband doesn’t ? he says it to bright ??.

    1. Seafoam!!! That’s a good one! Start using neon green to decorate – I bet the hubs would come around really quickly and soon fall in love with seafoam! LOL!

  14. I love that people are saying that “rainbow” is their favorite color.

    Anyone ever read “The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles?” According to that book, there’s the color flange–all of the colors of the rainbow all at once.

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