Holiday: Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 24

November 23, 2014

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Donut TagsProject-Ranking-FormatI’m a little pissed. There is nowhere to get a good donut in Miami. This is ridiculous…and yes, this  is the kind of important life-changing issue get me worked up. Donuts. Because that’s really matters in life. Donuts…and a good pair of black pumps.

I’m no stranger to donuts on this blog. We’ve made so many donuts up in here that I could probably open up shop, but something tells me that paper donuts aren’t big sellers. There were THESE …and then there were THESE…and today I’ve got another way to make donuts. Who knew there were so many ways?!

Today’s batch is about as simple as it gets. If you need a simpler way to create a paper donut, well I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you should just go buy some. Let’s go.

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Donut Tags

My three beloved paper punches are all you need for this project – and of course a few sheets of cardstock.

  1. The 2.5″ Martha Stewart Circle Punch is one that I use all the time.
  2. A scalloped circle punch is another must have. I used it HERE to make daisies  and HERE to make cupcakes. So, it’s super versatile!
  3. Then there’s the essential 1″ circle punch. I use it for tags, polka dots and you should probably have one. Just trust me.


Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Donut Tags

  1. Punch a 2.5″ circle from beige cardstock
  2. Punch a scalloped circle from white cardstock
  3. Adhere as shown
  4. Punch a 1″ circle in the center of both
  5. Use glitter glue to add sprinkles. As always, I suggest the Martha Stewart Iridescent Glitter Glues – they are the best.

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Donut TagsEasy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Donut TagsEasy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Donut Tags


Once you add some Christmassy sprinkles, these little tags are ready for adding some sweetness to your holiday packaging. Of course, these can be used year round as well. Donuts, after all, are always a good idea, right?Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Donut Tags

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Donut Tags


10 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 24”

  1. I finished my gift tags for Christmas two days ago and now I want to change them haha On the bright side, I already know what kind of gift tags I am going to do next year! They are REALLY cute!! Thank you!

  2. Well, they might not be tasty, but these are some of the best looking donuts I’ve seen in a long time! Good luck in finding a good doughnuts bakery!

  3. Your doughnuts are fabulous – and low calorie too! 🙂
    Very cute idea! I have these punches and Martha Stewart glitter glue. I’m going to try this.
    And Thank you for the tip on using a makeup sponge to ink them – I always wondered how people did that! But then I always learn something from you. Thank you for sharing all your tips and creativity!

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