Holiday: Toile 2014: Gifts for the Organized Crafter

November 24, 2014


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I am ready to sign myself up as a traveling salesman for Urbio. No kidding. I think this system is the best. I use it in my new and improved Crib Meets Craft closet and love it. The modular design of the plates make this a great storage solution for crafters. If you have a Container Store in your area, take a look at the Urbio system and play with the different configurations. And, while you’re there you can take a look at some of my other favorite organizational solutions for crafters like the Linus Cabinet Organizers, which I use for organizing my stamps – or the Clear Shirt Drawers which are great for storing large spools of ribbon. To learm more about Urbio, you can take a peek at the installation video to see more of how this system works. Seriously – you should watch the video. Can you tell I’m a fan.


Erin Condren planners are probably very familiar to you. They are awesome. I love mine and I’m pretty sure you’ll love yours too – if you don’t already own one. They are colorful and come packed with tons of organizational accessories including stickers, personalized labels, a plastic zipper pencil holder, a perpetual calendar for keeping track of yearly events and interchangable laminated covers that can be customized with photos and your name…and THAT’S standard on these planners. When you take a look at all the add ons – there are even more options. I own a standard planner without any of the additional add on items, and I could not be happier with how jam packed it is with everything I need to stay organized all year long. With the new year upon us, you should probably take a look at Erin Condren !

These storage binders are just the smartest thing ever. They keep your metal dies tucked away yet incredibly easy to access. I love that I can label the spine and organize them like a library of books. I opt to organize similar dies together, even if they are from different manufacturers. This way, you make the most of your storage binders and it’s easier to remember exactly what you have available to you. The other plus is that Little B packages ALL of their dies in these storage binders. So if you order a Little B die set, it shows up at your door perfectly organized. Some of my favorite Little B dies are the Holiday Die Set, Bouquet Die Set, Boxes & Bows Die Set.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You also have the chance to win a $50 gift card to Erin Condren by joining me in a little Instagram giveaway that I am hosting today! Just take a trip over to the Damask Love Instagram page to see how you can enter to win.

114 thoughts on “Toile 2014: Gifts for the Organized Crafter”

  1. It would take me about 1 to 2 hours to clean my craft room right now. My paper is in need of an organizational solution..I have different piles of full and scrap paper all over the room!

  2. My stamps and dies are in desperate need of some new, updated organization. What I had was working, but I have since outgrown it and it seems to be time to find something new.

  3. I have to keep my craft space very clean…I have kitties who like to run off with my crafty supplies. Anything I use goes right back to its place when I am finished using it, otherwise it will disappear! 😉

  4. I just have a tiny Desk to work on, but i still have organization. i like my room, but i love your Craft-room i think its so beautiful…:D

  5. I’m still trying to come up with a good scrap paper organization that works for me. I’ve tried a few different things that have been okay so far, but have a tendency to reach for new things rather than search my scraps.

  6. My craft room is pretty organized, but my desk is a mess! It’ll be after the holidays before it gets back to normal though. 🙂

  7. Oh Boy!!! What a question. I have been VERY busy in my room and it is as big a mess as it has ever been. It would take hours and I am not sure where those hours are coming from…
    AFTER the Holidays for sure
    Thanks for the chance to win

  8. It would take at least a week to clean up my craft space(s). It will wait until after the holidays. The biggest challenge is trying to organize the little bits of things so they are easily accessible.

  9. I need a way to organize all my little embellishments and stamp sets to know what I have. I hate having to dig through everything!

  10. It would take at least a week to clean my craft space(s). The biggest challenge is organizing the little bits so they are easily accessible. If you can’t get to them easily, you won’t use them.

  11. It’s going to take several days to clean up my craft room. I’m having 2 closets made into one so I have the closet items boxed and sitting around waiting for the work to get done. Then I can get organized (I hope it will look like your closet at the end). As I’m going thru I want to make a copy of all the dies I have so I can look at the samples rather than root thru everything to see if I have the die I want to use for a project.

  12. If I didn’t have to go to work, I MIGHT be able to get my craft room in shape in about a week. Maybe. My dream is if I linger in craft stores long enough someone will one day ask me if they can fix my space like they do on the HGTV shows 🙂 I’m good at buying but not so great at organizing it! Thanks for sharing this info and having the giveaways!

  13. I think the question for me might be which supplies DON’T need a solution, haha! I kind of have solutions, but wish most were visible, because when I put things out of sight they become out of mind and I forget to use them.

    1. Oops! I responded before seeing the question I was supposed to respond to. So on that note, it would take a good 3-4 hours if not more to tidy up my craft room!

  14. I don’t have a dedicated craft space, which is the bulk of my issue when it comes to staying organized. Since my living space is small, so is my storage, and my crafty stash is spread out into a variety of nooks and crannies. Someone above mentioned scraps, and I have to agree that’s always been a problem for me too!

  15. I just moved last month, and I am STILL attempting to organize my crafting space, mainly because I am downsizing…big time! So 6-8 weeks. OUCH!

  16. Such a great post today! Sometimes I love organizing my crafting supplies more than creating with them!! hehe It would take me about two hours to clean up my craft area from my holiday cardmaking mess this past weekend!

  17. I normally only need to clean up my work tables and it takes 30 – 45 minutes. I like to keep everything in matching storage boxes so I don’t see visual clutter. I do wish I didn’t have such a mess when I craft! Especially when I am working on one project and get diverted to a couple of others. Then I have product out all over the space! Thanks for your videos. They are so professional but also so entertainingly Amber!
    Can I ask about your black and white wall panels? So cool to be able to change out with the different colors. Thank you!

  18. Oh my goodness!!!! I absolutely love this post. I just spent 30 minutes going through your Crib Meets Craft closet post and LOVED everything you did! I’m so inspired to get my craft area organized (maybe not until after the holidays…LOL!!!) You are absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to get myself to the Container Store. How long would it take me to organize my craft area????? With my work schedule, I would honestly have to say it would take me a good 2 months. After seeing your organized closet, I would love to add some color to my craft room. That alone could take a couple weekends, at least. I’m itchin’ to get started!! Thank you for sharing your organizing tips.

  19. Love the outtake at the end.
    I’ve been eying those Urbio magnetic holders but it looks to me like if you have something in a container on the bottom you can’t access it too well if you use the spaces at the top of the mounting plate too. So each plate, even though it has 4 mounting spots, has only two usable ones.

  20. Where I need most work for organizing is with my stamps. I love to shop!! LOL!!! There are so many wonderful companies out there. While I have tried to manage my stamps by at least keeping them organized by company, I’m not sure that’s working out for me. I’m now thinking that they need to be organized by theme. I just need to make the decision and move forward!!! I love the idea of using the Linus Organizers for my stamps. Thanks again for all of your inspiration on getting organized. I normally don’t make New Year’s resolutions (because I’ve failed so many times in the past…LOL!!), but I am definitely going to resolve to get organized in 2015!!! YAY!!!

  21. It would take me a couple of weeks because it is not at all organized right now. Just a bunch of stuff put wherever it will fit on shelves 🙂

  22. Not sure what needs more organization help – my ever-growing stash of fabric or my rainbow piles of embroidery floss. Seems like every time I enter a craft store, I end up buying the same things b/c I don’t realize that I already have them!

  23. I LOVE organizing. I just bought an Erin Condren planner and LOVE it! My scrapbook stuff still needs organization (and just a place since our apartment is tiny), but my stamps and dies are organized like Jennifer McGuire’s and I love that organization. 🙂

  24. I am in need of a few storage containers to keep my scrapbooking papers in order! I am currently trying to organize my craft space right now and hopefully it will only take a couple of days!

  25. Right now, it would take me and hour to clean up. BIG THUMBS UP! to Little B for making storage binders for dies. My dies are still in their original packaging which takes up space and finding what I want is time consuming.

  26. It was a mess….stamp sets…inks…papers…BUT it took me about 1-2 hours to get it back to clean and orderly…until the next project…lol

  27. I’m currently reorganizing and cleaning my craft space… I’ve been at it already a week (a little here and there), and I expect it to take another week to finish!

    1. I need to find a better way to organize 12 x 12 paper, I have 3 separate systems right now, and I don’t LOVE any of them!

  28. so many cool give idea’s. I love anything organizational. Thank for sharing these. I can add some to my Christmas list for the hubby.

  29. It would take me, probably, 3 days!! But my biggest problem is not having space enough for the stuff I have!! So it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to organize and clean my space!

  30. IF I were to clean my craft room I would need a really long 3 day weekend. And coffee. And chocolate. It’s an uber mess at the moment. And the one item I need help organizing the most is hard. I have lots of stamps and spend lots of tome shuffling through them so maybe them? Or spools of twine and ribbon. They are still in a box from when we moved 11 months ago!

  31. I would say it would take about 30 minutes to clean up my craft space. I have things pretty well organized, but I am in the middle of a project, so there are a lot of things scattered about right now!

  32. Hmmm – good question. I could probably completely clean up my craft space in a few hours… Am I dreaming? A day maybe? Maybe a definition of “clean up” would help. I would say I’m more cluttered. I do know where everything is though.
    I think my craft supplies that need an organizational system is paper pads. I have some in hanging folders in drawers – but the overflow is stacked on top of a cabinet and has to be moved when I need anything.
    I really like the die storage binders you showed. I’m gonna check those out. Thank you for sharing these great organization solutions!

  33. Hi,

    OMG! do I need the storage from Little B! If I start now it will take me a week to get everything in it’s place! You are asking this question near Christmas timel? I started ny work in September and I have not been able to finish as of today!
    I will consider myself lucky if by mid January I am all organized…and then it’s Valentine’s….this does not ends!

    María Alba

  34. Wowza I wish there was a giveaway for a Fairy Craft Queen to come organize the craft space of my Dreams, but since i have to do it myself…well
    If I could go non-stop uninterrupted it would take me 3-4 days including trips back and forth to the store.

  35. I’m hoping that Santa brings me a craft room redesign. It’s my favorite room, but it needs some organization. My dies are a huge problem. I use them frequently, but there is no order.

  36. It usually takes 1 hour or less to clean my craft room, which involves not only cleaning but also re-organizing whatever isn’t efficient for me. My new papers are organized by ROY G. BIV, by size, and by card stock weight vs. text weight. The scrap papers are organized by ROY G. BIV in color-coded drawers. It’s easy to collect all the scraps from my table and walk over to the drawer and just place them into the appropriate color drawer. And all my various ongoing projects are in see-through plastic boxes. So when I pause a project, it goes into that project’s bin and the scraps go into the appropriate scrap drawers. All dies go in the dies drawer, inks in inks drawer, and stamps into their binder (or drawer, for wood-mounted ones). I do need a better system for the cling stamps because I get tired of flipping through all the binders. But once everything gets put away, it’s a matter of vacuuming the floors. And seeing a clean space only inspires me to create again… and make another mess in the process.

    1. I have just recently moved into a house so most of my craft supplies are still in boxes. It would probably take me a few weeks to unbox and organize

  37. My stamps need a different organization system because I have two different sizes of cases now. Such a great giveaway – Container Store is my favorite!

  38. I am not a very organized person. There, I admitted it. I am starting one room at a time now that my kids have moved out. To clean and organize my craft room, I would say three weeks working 3-4 hours a day. I know because I just did my walk In pantry by myself and it took me 5 days. It is a 6×7 foot pantry with 4 levels of shelving. My craft room is 14×22. Nuff said! Your makeover is amazing. TFS .

  39. I would love to win the Little B dies and magnetic storage. I have a little corner in a smallish family room to craft, so storage is a real problem for me.

  40. Love everything you shared today, especially the die organizer…I need that! It would probably take me 10 minutes to clean my space. That being said, it isn’t nearly as organized as I would like.

  41. To really properly clean my craft space right now would take probably a minimum of three hours. That’s a total guess but it’s pretty messy right now.

  42. The part of my craft room that needs the most attention and organization is my stamps! They are everywhere. 🙂

  43. It would take forever to organize my crafting space. Since you have posted so many great crafts, I just had to go out and get a Cricut Explore – now instead of cleaning and organizing, I am playing. Love the Little B die sets and the magnetic folders they come in. thanks for sharing your incredible skillz

  44. Oh! And depending on the way I decided to organize I could do it in 10 min (with one big craft bin) or a few hours if I did it the right way and not a “black hole” bin!

  45. Surprisingly I am currently try to teach my daughter to clean up her space after each project. So just about 10 minutes. my daughters getting better.

  46. Your timing is perfect, Amber. I started reorganizing everything in my stamping room so have been closely following your craft-to-crib project. Thanks for the chance to win this GC!

  47. OMG, it would take me at least 2 hours to finish organizing stamps, dies, card stock, embellishments, etc. would love to accomplish this before I get in full swing mass producing my Christmas cards.

  48. Honestly all my supplies need to be organized. But I’d like to tackle my vinyl, some of it is on rolls and some are loose sheets.

  49. I just re-organized all my paper and am thrilled that I can find what I am looking for. Stamps and dies are next on the list. I love the Container Store and have one not too far from where i live. Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration and the opportunity to win.

  50. None! I clean up after each project and store any “in progress” projects in clear zipper envelopes that I purchased from Target. Keeps my husband happy, and he never questions my need for supplies!

  51. Containers are a crafty girls best friend! I use them for e v e r y t h I n g!! I try to keep them consistent to the craft: papercraft, knitting and crochet, sewing. Organization can make such a difference.

  52. Hmmm, about 1/2 hour at the moment. I usually clean up after each session, but decided to make cards all week. So closed doors it is.

  53. My clear stamps are getting out of hand. i need a way to organise and display them so that I can find what I’m looking for when needed and its easy to get to.

  54. Ah….organization!!! My craft room is pretty organized but I do need to resort some things. I LOVE the Little B storage folders – they are very sturdy and strong 😉

    Thank you Amber!

  55. I love the Erin Condren planners! I used a different one this year and completely missed everything that the E.C. planner offers…definitely switching back in 2015!

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