DIY: Printable Spring Easter Labels + A Canon Printer Giveaway

April 6, 2017

Free Printable Easter Spring Labels | damask love

You’re gonna want to read this. There’s a lot of good info coming your way.

First up, I couldn’t let Easter go by without a cut, pastel-y printable for you. This one is designed by my new friend/graphic designer/illustrator buddy – Isabel of Black Lamb Studio. You guys. This girl is so effing talenting. (Can I say “effing”? Or is that too much potty mouth for a blog post about Easter?)

I challenged Isabel to illustrate something adorable for Easter and spring…and man, oh man, did she deliver. Grab your’s in the link below

Free Printable Easter Spring Labels | damask love


As with all of my printables, I used my Canon TS9020 Printer to bring these to life….and that’s where my second piece of big news comes in!

Every Thursday at 1PM EST on the Damask Love Facebook Page I host, Damask Live – the craftiest fifteen minutes of your week! It’s a fun, quick break in your day when we craft up something fun or teach you a new technique. Well, today on Damask Love we’re crafting with Canon…and there’s a giveaway! I’ll be showing you exactly how to create these perfect, FOOD SAFE treat bags using your printer. And did I mention …no computers required!! It’s a really cool, fun and easy project. Hope to see you there!


This giveaway is now closed.

Free Printable Easter Spring Labels | damask love

Free Printable Easter Spring Labels | damask love

And before I go – remember to sign up for the Damask Love Newsletter in the sidebar! On each first Friday of the month, you’ll receive a free printable card or notebook cover design…and for the month of April, I’m excited to feature Black Lamb Studios! Her skills are killer and I can guarantee you’ll want to get your hands on her design. (Hint: it’s the cutest birthday card you’ve ever seen!)

This project was completed in partnership with Canon. All projects, photos and opinions are mine, mine, mine! Thanks for supporting the collaborations that keep the lights on in this joint!

8 thoughts on “Printable Spring Easter Labels + A Canon Printer Giveaway”

  1. Girrrllllllll, you are so crazy. Keep up the entertainment and glad you kept the lights on to show us how to create and beee happpy!!

  2. Amber, your enthusiasm is contagious and your creative projects are always fun. I have pinned so many of your cute things for kids and made more than a few of them. In fact, your Sweet Shop became the inspiration for my grandchildren’s beloved Chick-fil-A shop. (Did you know that you can actually make a fried chicken breast from fleece? Including the bun? And that fun foam and copics make some pretty realistic pickle slices? And that the local store will give you empty, clean packaging if you ask nicely? And that an enterprising 8 year old boy will add Disco night to the menu when business is slow? And that his grandma nearly died laughing when she saw his sign? But I digress.

    The above is just a small taste of the inspiration you have sparked. Your blog content is awesome and your writing is entertaining already–you don’t EVER need the potty mouth to make it better. It really just gets in the way. Keep it clean for us old-fogey grandmas.But don’t ever stop sharing your creativity.

  3. I loved your live demo and the great idea of using freezer paper to print and make treat bag! You are always so much fun to watch!

  4. Girl!!!! DISCO NIGHT? I just died from laughing. That is hilarious! I love your Chik-Fila stand and I love your fun foam pickles too!! Now if only my Chik-Fil-A actually had a disco night…

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