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There is something so magical about watching kids play. They get lost in their own world and bring you right into it. I’ve been a dinosaur. I’ve been a princess. And I’ve picked up more toy phone calls than I could ever possibly count. Fact of the matter is, no matter what you are doing, if a kid gives you his toy phone. You say “hello?”. Every. Single. Time. Am I wrong?

Another fact: if a toddler wants to play grocery store. You should probably make it happen. Especially if the grocery store is fully stocked with handmade goodies like felt fruit and bottles of organic “milk”.

I built today’s DIY from scratch, and it was crazy easy. It requires minimal tools or measuring. Trust me. If you can hit up the hardware store today, you’ll be playing in your pretend market before tonight’s bajillionth airing of Atlanta Housewives. So let’s get our scroll on so I can tour you around this cuteness. You may want to ask your kids to leave the room. They are going to love, love, love this and begging you for one of their own.

IMG_3257So. Much. Cuteness, right?  And the kicker is that you can build the frame for this market in less than an hour. I’ve even drawn out the plans so you can start building right away. All you need is a cube organizer and a few lengths of PVC piping.

DownloadImageTo stock the “aisles” of your store, you’ll need to break out the Cricut Explore. I used my Explore to create every element of this market, which made things go very quickly. To get your hands on each of these projects, just head over to the Damask Love Brand Page and grab em! In the meantime, let me give you the dime tour.

IMG_3588The felt fruits steal the show in this market. I was able to cut them all out with the Explore, which is pretty impressive if you ask me! I use 100% wool felt from Craft Wool Felt. The shop is awesome and carries every.single.color ever created. I’m talking twenty-two different shades of blue. Yeah. It’s the real deal Holyfield. Felt paradise. Their felt is high quality with just enough sturdiness to cut well in the Explore.

IMG_3386To create each of the felt fruits, I just stitched the edges and stuffed each one with pillow stuffing that you can pick up from the fabric store. Considering that I am the furthest thing from a skilled seamstress, you can rest assured that these are totally doable. Even if you don’t sew, you can close up the edges with some craft glue or a hot glue gun! No excuses, people. I’ll have none of that, “But this is too hard for me.” Psh. I won’t hear of it.IMG_3543IMG_3188

Many of the elements in this pretend market use the Print then Cut functioning of the Cricut Explore. I printed the milk labels onto Printable Vinyl and adhered them to glass milk bottles that I picked up from the craft store. To create the illusion of real milk inside, I filled each bottle with white acrylic craft paint, sealed the lid, then did a little shake, shake, shaking to coat the inside of the bottle.

For the “canned food” aisle, I ripped the label off a few 8oz cans of tomato paste and added my own custom Print Then Cut labels.  I left the can intact, since opening it would expose sharp metal edges and that’s probably not so great for itty, bitty hands.IMG_3215The blueberry basket is probably my favorite piece of the market. I cut THIS berry basket from teal cardstock and filled it with blue felt balls sourced from…you guessed it…Crafty Wool Felt. Yeah – they carry a ton of felt balls shapes and colors too. IMG_3330

And to ring up all those customers, you are gonna need a cash register, right? This one is made of paper! Can you believe it? So cute. You can find the project HERE and you’re on your way to a handcrafted cash register that your kids will love! And of course, there is Print Then Cut play money. Am I the only one who was obsessed with play money as a kid. I used to pilfer fake dollars from Monopoly and use them to fill up my wallet and purse. IMG_3738


IMG_3388Are you inspired to open up a pretend play market of your own? Remember to take a look at the plans for building the frame for this market. It’s easy to do and is perfect for this market (and for other pretend play set-ups…hint, hint).


If you love today’s post, you’d better hightail it back to the blog tomorrow morning to see another take on this project. In the meantime what’s your favorite element of this market?! And, do you have ideas for other pretend play DIYs? I would love to hear em!

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47 thoughts on “Kid’s Pretend Play Market

  1. That is so cute. I will have to keep it in mind for Grand kids as my boys are WAY too old
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I have a problem with the glass milk bottles. Not a good idea for children to play with. There must be something out there in plastic that could be used instead. Also there is a can opener that just breaks the seal of the lid rather than cutting the top off. You could use the contents of the can, wash it out, and glue the lid back on.

  3. Amber, you never cease to amaze me! This is absolutely cute! My son and daughter are all grown up now but it would have been something they would have loved to play with because they always loved to play pretend store!

  4. I can’t think up enough adjectives to describe how adorable this is!!! I LOVE it! You are so creative and don’t leave out a single detail! I appreciate that you share your creativity with others. This brings back memories of being a child and playing store – but our version was washed out milk cartons and a box turned upside down with numbers written on for the cash register. LOL This is just fabulous!!! 🙂

  5. What did you use the wrap around the pvc pipping? I have started a grocery store project for my kids. Just curious about that and how did you secure the pipe to base?

    1. Great questions! for the wrap around the pvc piping, I just used strips of vinyl. They adhere really easily to the pvc. As for securing the pipes, you don’t have to do anything. The fit is snug so they don’t move.

      1. Hi there! I’m trying to create this project for my daughter and the plans aren’t accessible anymore. Could you please email them to me at [email protected]? I’m blown away by your design and creativity.

  6. qhete did you get the vinyl from? I do t have away right now if printing out things on the vinyl. Were you able to buy it already colored?

    1. Also what length did you do pvc pipping for front and back. And what pieces did you get to connect it all together.

  7. How did you make the top part? Did you drill holes for PVC pipe? How about the awning? It is adorable!

  8. holy cow! this is amazing. Just found a 3 cube organizer on CL for $20. Can’t wait to work on this. We’re turning one section of our basement into a play space so this will be perfect! thanks for sharing the plans 🙂

  9. Hi,
    I love your grocery/bake shop stand. I would like to make it for my daughter for Christmas. I didn’t see the dimensions or pattern for the canopy. Can you please direct me to it or send it to me? Also how do you attach the fabric to the pvc piping? Also how did you attach the piping to the shelf?
    Thank you!

  10. Great work Amber 🙂
    Just wondering where did you get the flor bags and covers for the cans from and stickers and the milk bottles?

  11. Do you make and sell these things?? Omg I would love this and the sweet shop for my classroom.. Just do not have all the machines to do so..


  12. The Kid’s Pretend Play Market is absolutely adorable! I was hoping to build it for my daughter but when I tried downloading the plans, I received a message that they have been deleted from the site. Would you mind directing me to them or sending them to me? Thank you so much!

  13. All of the PVC piping that I’m finding at hardware stores have imprinted labels on them that can’t be removed. Did you find some without this? Or how did you cover this up?

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  15. I am most interested in how you built the market. If you would send me your design plan I would be most appreciative.

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