DIY: How to Make Giant Christmas Candles

December 13, 2018

I just chuckled to myself as I typed out the title of this blog post. Giant Christmas Candles…three words that I’m pretty sure have never been combined until this very moment. It’s a shame though, since  there’s a good chance these giant Christmas candles will have a place in your holiday decor from now until forever. They are really easy to make and create the most fun photo opp for all your holiday guests! Place them in the corner of a guest room for some Christmas cheer or add them to your entryway. Either way, Giant Christmas Candles are a must!

To make them, you’ll need a few things:

  1. A 4”x 48” mailing tube, just like the one I used on THIS project
  2. A hot glue gun filled with a hot glue roll
  3. Chipboard
  4. Craft Knife


Use the craft knife to cut the mailing tube into two sections. The size of the section will depend on how tall you want your candle to be. Cut it at a diagonal.


Trace the opening of the mail tube onto a piece of chipboard


Cut out the chipboard circle with scissors and glue it to the opening of the mailing tube


Now, squeeze hot glue around the edge of the chipboard to create “wax drippings.” Once you’ve done this, and the glue is hardened, you can spray paint the entire mail tube (not shown)

To make the flames on the candles, you’ll need:

  1. Yellow Cardstock
  2. A mini scoring board
  3. A glue stick
  4. A pencil
  5. Scissors

STEP 1 :

Use the scoring tool to fold the yellow paper in half. Trace a “half flame” shape onto a folded piece of cardstock.


Cut out the flame shapes, you’ll need five of them


Glue the folded flames together as shown to create dimension.

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Giant Christmas Candles”

  1. as with the LARGE majority of your projects,
    this is so practically made!!!!
    I don’t have a reason for giant candles yet, but when I do I’ll be ready!!

  2. I have always loved the die cuts and embossing folders of three candles. This is an amazing idea! I don’t know if I’ll get to it this year but I’m definitely pinning this one! Thank you for sharing your fabulous creativity!

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