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Store-bought greeting cards are fine, but a handmade card is so much better! When you first learn how to make a card, it can be as simple as folding a piece of paper in half, or you can get fancy by adding stickers or other decorations. Pop-up cards might be the gold standard of greeting cards. The interactive element makes you want to open and close the card over and over again.

Pop-up cards can cost a pretty penny in the store so there’s a good chance you should learn how to make your own. I’m sure you think it’s a tough job, but I’m here to show you how to make a pop-up card and prove that it’s far easier than you think.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to show you three different simple techniques for creating your own pop-up card! Each technique differs in level of difficulty, so you can decide which works best for you. Even if you are a beginner card maker, you can totally do this!

Watch along and see how the Damask Love Wild Card paper collection will allow you to simply create your own custom cards with a fun interactive pop-up element. The perforated pages in the Project Pad make it super simple to assemble your card. Can’t get your hands on the Wild Card Project Pad? Any of the Damask Love Project Pads will do! Each one includes perforated pages with elements that can easily be turned into pop-up card using the techniques in this video tutorial


  • Elmer’s Extreme Glue Stick
  • Wild Card Project Pad or any Damask Love Project Pad available exclusively at JOANN stores.
  • Mini Cards
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors

0:18 – 2:17 Traditional Pop Up Card

This traditional technique will teach you how to make vertical cuts along the folded side of the card interior. This will give you pop-up platform where you can use a glue stick to adhere decorative ephemera elements from the Wild Card Project Pad.

  1. Select a perforated card shape from the Project Pad and fold it in half
  2. Trace and cut a piece of solid cardstock to the same size as the card. This will be the interior of the card
  3. Cut vertical slits along the fold of the interior. Pop up the slits as shows
  4. Glue the solid colored cardstock into the interior of the card
  5. Use a glue stick or other adhesive to place ephemera onto the slits. Keep decorating and finish off with a heartfelt message!

2:31- 4:50 Pop Up Mini Card

This might just be my absolute favorite way to make a pop-up card. It’s miniature but still has enough room inside to leave a personal message. It doesn’t hurt that this DIY pop-up card only takes minutes to create.

  1. Select a mini card from the Damask Love collection
  2. Select a mini card pattern from the Project pad.
  3. Glue the pattern to the interior of the mini card
  4. Select a piece of Damask Love ephemera. Fold in half then fold up the outer edges as shown
  5. Glue the outer edges to the inside of the card. Done!

4:52 -7:00 Zig Zag Mini Card

This clever approach to making a pop-up card is great for experienced crafters. The zig-zag fold on the inside provides a dimensional surface for adhering fun and colorful ephemera.

  1. Cut a strip of 1″x6″ piece of cardstock
  2. Score the cardstock every 1″ then fold accordion style
  3. Glue the outer folds of the accordion to the inside of the card
  4. Decorate the accordion with pieces of ephemera
How to Make a Pop Up Card

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