Blog: Fridays are for Freebies No.3

February 28, 2014

HeaderEvery once in a while, it’s nice to sit down with a book. An actual book. The kind with real pages. Real paper pages. It makes me feel like a human…rather than a tech junkie and it reminds me that before swiping and gestures, there was page turning. It turns out that my absolute favorite resource for crafting inspiration is a book. This book to be exact. I’ve had it for years and even though the contents don’t change, I manage to find new forms of inspiration each time I flip through it. I figure there may be a few of you out there who might like to add this resource to your own crafting library, so I’m here to help you out with that!

Fridays are for Freebies No.3 | Damask Love Blog

Just comment on the question below to be entered to win! Comment entries can be made until Sunday, March 2nd at 11:59pm. Comments must be made on this giveaway post to be eligible. Two lucky readers will be selected via Random Number Generator and will be announced on Wednesday, March 5th. Winners will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.

Fridays are for Freebies No.3 | Damask Love BlogIn addition to this fun giveaway, I have an announcement that I’m excited to share – and I can only hope that a few of you will be able to join in! As many of you know, Cricut recently released their newest machine, the Explore and as a part of this release, I’m excited to partner up with them to throw one of their design workshops right here in beautiful South Florida.

If you are in the South Florida area and would like to attend this design workshop, please Contact Me and I’ll give you all the details of time and location. If you think you might want to roadtrip it down for this workshop, I’m happy to help you with that as well! Just let me know!

This workshop is totally free (!!!) and will include hands-on experience with the new Explore as well as face time with Cricut Representatives who will be present to show you the machine and answer your questions. There will be plenty of swag and projects as well!

I’m always excited when I get to meet Damask Love readers, so I hope some of you will be able to attend. Seats are limited so snag yours soon!Fridays are for Freebies No.3 | Damask Love Blog


117 thoughts on “Fridays are for Freebies No.3”

  1. I don’t really use Pinterest all that often. I generally go to all sorts of blogs, and magazines. Also houzz for home decor inspiration.

  2. My sources for inspiration somewhat depends on what I need inspiration for, but for the most part, I love using blogs for inspiration. I love to save blog posts in Pages for future reference when I need inspiration, motivation or tips.

  3. Oh I so want to come to your workshop! Hmmm….how can I tell DH I want to fly across the US to meet some crazy cool chick that I found online? LOL sounds like I’m switching teams. =) I find inspiration on other blogs and in magazines.

  4. My experience with Pinterest is that it often doesn’t hold up to what it promises. I tried to recreate things from Pinterest several times and more often than not it was a fail. I need more detailed step to step tutorilas so I tend to rely on blogs and magazines.

  5. Even though I do occasionally use Pinterest, it’s not really my go-to for inspiration. I’d say first of all, I go to the vendor’s web site or blog (especially during the release of an image I’m interested in using) or, as in the case of Papertrey Ink, I’ll go to the store, find the image and click on either the tip sheet or the gallery. I also use their Design Team’s samples for inspiration. I use many craft blogs as well. And then, finally, I use Splitcoaststampers.

  6. Love Pinterest! My other source(s) of inspiration, however, are crafty blogs and I still flip through magazines and books from time to time.

  7. I peruse crafting catalogs for samples that can be tweaked to meet my needs. I also think “outside the box” while looking through catalogs such as Pottery Barn and west elm. They are idea troves that come to me daily in the mail!

  8. For me, I started using Pinterest as primarily a handy storage place for ideas I find elsewhere on the web. I follow lots of blogs…. yours is one of my favorites! Any sort of photograph can spark creativity for me and the finished product may only marginally relate to the original.

  9. I try to pay attention to what is going on in my crazy life and figure out what about it is a common experience. When I do, I try to turn it into a card sentiment–preferably a funny one! Then I build my card around that. For example, after a particularly crazy week I created a card with one large fairy on the front and the inside said: Anyone else suspect their fairy godmother failed Project Management 101?

    And I love me some blog eye candy too!

  10. I like to let my imagination run while I’m falling asleep, just following one thought/image to another one. If it develops a great idea I keep a pad/pen by my pillow so I don’t lose it.

  11. I’m not a big Pintrest looker but I do like to look at cards. I get most of my ideas from blogs, like yours, or from watching you tube videos.

  12. I think my first resource for inspiration is my Blog Reader. I subscribe to numerous blogs [like yours] and I would have to say that I get most of my inspiration while reading updates each day.

  13. I like to follow blogs and I also check out Splitcoast Stampers for card & technique ideas! Stampin Up card classes are also always fun & inspirational!

  14. Other than Pinterest I email subscribe to tons of blogs of people who’s style I love (such as yourself šŸ™‚ It really helps a lot and most of the time I start out CASEing a card and it develops into something completely different and totally me. šŸ™‚ Thanks for all the inspiration, tutorials, and giveaways!


  15. Blogs … yours!
    and blogs from DT members from stamp companies like PTI/Wplus9/Avery Elle/Purple Onion Design/Clearly Besotted….
    always love all the inspiration you give..and what you are so creative!

  16. It has ALWAYS been Martha Stewart. I started staying home with my kids 17 years ago and discovered I had a thing for all crafty things. Martha became my housewife go-to. I have done every Halloween, Valentine and Christmas craft she put out, tried most recipes and watched her show religiously. I would download her crafts from her site and created my own “scrapbook” of ideas – with real – paper…before Pinterest was even born. Love her!

  17. I have 7 or 8 books of pix and articles from mags which I have collected over 10 years in pre-Pinterest days. Always an inspiration.

  18. I’m afraid Pinterest and blogs are my main source of inspiration. If nothing else, I find myself going down many a dark, intriguing rabbit hole from Pinterest links. After all, that’s how I found you! =)

  19. I love to follow blogs and then pin items to my boards. But I have not ever searched Pinterest for inspiration.

    I do love to browse stationary & card stores or sections in stores looking for ideas.

    Looking at the comments above, I might sign up for some catalogues, too. šŸ˜‰

  20. I subscribe to lots of blogs, maybe too many? No! I enjoy seeing the work of the many talented people in this field. Love blogs though I don’t have one of my own.

  21. My main inspiration comes from blogs, like Damask Love. I have made several of your amazing projects. I also seek the designers at Papertrey Ink. I LOVE their products and most of what I buy is from them. I do use Pinterest but to pin what I see on these blogs.

  22. I have to agree, turning the pages of a book just feels good. The smell and feel of the paper, Oh MY! I do go to the blog world for lots of my creative inspiration. There is so much talent out there and so much to learn!

  23. I make custom, handcrafted wedding invitations and paper goods, so a lot of inspiration comes from the bridal world, magazines, websites, etc.

  24. I have a number of paper crafting blogs I follow – I found Damask Love a few months ago and it is now one of my go to’s. Splitcoast Stampers is very helpful as well.

  25. I follow several blogs for inspiration. I watch u tube videos as well. I rarely use Pinterest. Maybe I should. Any chance you will be coming to the Bay Area for a workshop this year? Missed you last time.

  26. I have been wanting this book for a while now. Looks like a great reference source. I usually look at blogs or manufacturer’s websites for ideas.

  27. I am always looking for inspiration in as many places as I can. Besides Pinterest, I usually browse Deviantart for drawing inspiration. For all other types of craft inspiration, I usually like watching art videos on youtube (particularly tutorials on mixed media, scrapbooking, mini albums, etc.). I may even have a couple of Martha Stewart videos I’ll pop in to watch from time to time. šŸ˜‰ But my very favorite way of finding inspiration that works for me regardless of the type of creativity I’m feeling, is just browsing stores, especially places like Michaels or even TJ Maxx. Seeing so many colors or finding an awesome little doodad is the most amazing way I’ve found of feeling inspired. Sadly, because it requires money and time, which I don’t always have, getting to go out and shop for art related things doesn’t happen often, which is probably why I find it so inspiring. šŸ™‚
    And I love your blog by the way! You have so many great ideas and have such a way of making everything look so adorable and cute! <3

  28. Mostly blogs. Yours is the first one on my list of favorites. I have followed Martha Stewart for years (and years and years…).

  29. I get a lot of inspiration from blogs, books from the library, vintage books.And Living magazine has been one of the best sources of inspiration in pretty much every craft you can think of.

  30. My favorite card inspiration (beside Pinterest!) is PaperCrafts magazine.

    I wish I was able to come to South Florida! Seeing as we are in for a freezing cold (I am talking single digits here folks. Yuck!) and snowy weekend…yeah. Warm weather would be real nice. Have fun!

  31. I follow several different blogs that give me inspiration, such as Saved by Love Creations, Ink Stains, and others. Also, love *design sponge and some retail sites like Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. I am an avid magazine clipper. They usually sit in a pile on my desk for awhile until I file them away in my inspiration notebooks. It’s great to browse for ideas.

  33. I usually use the blogs I follow like Damask Love, Jennifer McGuire, kwernerdesigns, Hi Sugarplum and others for inspiration instead of Pinterest. I would love to go to your workshop but Ca is too far away!

  34. All of the blogs! – especially the ones with videos, they are really inspirational and helpful when I am learning new techniques.

  35. I usually type in what I am looking for in Google and then I pick IMAGES. From there the sites and inspiration are endless:) Have fun!

  36. My favorite place to get inspiration is my vast collection of PaperCrafts Magazines and books – hmm it seems that I have seen loads of your stuff in some of those issues! Lately I have also been getting lots of random inspiration from visiting blogs. Thanks for the chance to win this great book! As far as your event on the 15th – I am so sad that I am only a few hours away and I have to WORK!!! Maybe another time…hope that it will be a huge success and the lucky ladies that do get to attend have a blast!!!!!

  37. I go through spurts of using Pinterest and feeling it is just a time-waster.

    I like the idea of organizing my inspiration though, so Bloglovin is my go-to. I have WAYYY too many blogs on my feed!

  38. Blogs are my go-to inspiration source. So many talented bloggers out there!

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great weekend!

  39. Other than Pinterest, I find inspiration from blogs, craft products (paper and stamps) as well as random things like home decor and nature. Thanks for a chance to win!

  40. I do love Pinterest although it is very time consuming. My next source of inspiration is your Damask Love site! šŸ™‚ Thanks for all the inspiration you provide and the chance to win this AWESOME Martha Stewart book! I love Martha Stewart & her products. I also love books. I work on a computer all day so it is nice to have inspiration in a book or magazine. I have printed out many of your tutorials and created my own craft book of inspiration.
    I sure wish I lived closer – I would so attend your workshop. How fun would that be?

  41. I find my inspiration from You Tube, craft books and magazines.
    Also, I love nature. I our backyard we have bluebirds, cardinals and morning doves. Just looking at them each day is so relaxing and enjoyable. That scene gives great inspiration.

  42. I do follow Pintrest but when that doesn’t give me inspiration, I check out some blogs I have in my bookmark menu (You are there) and even check out some old cards I have made that show on my Flickr account.

  43. I post things to Pintrest, but don’t often go to it for inspiration. I’ll visit the etsy site or search etsy emails or emails from flax & twine…or Damask Love! šŸ™‚

  44. Apart from Pinterest I love looking at magazines, You Tube videos and books from the library (and if I really like them I buy them).

  45. Other than Pinterest, I subscribe to blogs written by talented people like you, Amber. I also have a subscription to a digital magazine.

  46. My go to resources for inspiration are other blogs, magazines and the craft store-I like to just walk around the craft store and I get inspired-most of my unique ideas I came up with on my own develop that way.

  47. OMGosh, I love Pinterest and admit that I spend LOTS of time on pinning. But I love how I can keep track of things that I love. One of my other resources is following blogs (like yours of course and MS too). I enjoy using my relax time to read my email updates on blogs. I love reading the posts with what inspired them, the tutorials, and of course the inspiration they give me.

  48. Other than Pinterest I spend way too much time looking at different blogs, including one of my favorites DAMASK LOVE šŸ™‚

  49. Other than Pinterest I follow several craft blogs for inspiration. Damask Love, Kerri Bradford, Vintage Revivals, & Lori Whitlock are the main ladies I follow in my email. I have a digital cutting machine and a general interest in many types of crafts so I find ideas I like from there and then sometimes “Google” something I like (like letter pressed stationary) to see if I can find a blog somewhere that will show me how to recreate something similar at home. That is often how I find neat blogs like these to follow. And I get a zillion ideas of things I’d like to make “someday”!

  50. I love to read multiple crafty blogs and I also get a lot of inspiration from my talented sister. She can think of the cool ideas – I can only copy them!

  51. My inspiration comes from blogs, Pinterest, magazines, craft books and you tube videos. I find all sorts of crafty ideas on You Tube. Thanks for the chance to win Amber!! Enjoy your weekend!

  52. go-to inspirations are crafty stamp blogs like yours!!!! and a few others that I buy stamps from. but mostly, yours!!! you’ve got some rockin’ stamping ideas that are like no other šŸ™‚

  53. I have a lot of scrapbook blogs I look at daily and those usually have great things on them and they give me some great ideas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. Yes, like others I love Pinterest because it introduces me to other websites (that’s how I found this one) and then I go back to those key sites over and over again. Magazines and craft titles from Better Homes and Gardens are always a go to place for ideas and inspiration as well. Thank you for posting this contest, but mostly for your ongoing inspiration to all of us. Linda

  55. My inspiration comes mainly from blogs like yours! It would be great to win that book, thank you for the chance!

  56. My other go-to resource lately has been you tube video tutorials. Great bloggers like you, plus Kristina Werner, Jennifer McGuire, Lawn Fawn to name a few.

  57. My inspirations are from TV (like Hallmark Home & Family), Martha Stewart, magazines, Pinterest and blog land of course. Since I am a creative person I am always looking for a new project! Just finished up hosting a baby shower last night, everyone was so sweet complimenting on the decor, food, and the thoughtfulness. Makes all the work worthwhile. Thank you very much!

  58. Damask Love! I take it where it leads me, gotta love the hyperlink! Besides that, I also like roaming the craft store aisles and consider Martha Stewart a “goto” source.

  59. Hi Amber!! I bombard myself with email subscriptions from my favorite card makers and my favorite companies who sell my favorite card making supplies. I’m inspired by many advertisements about products, from graphics and photos of hunting, home decor, landscapes, jewelry, etc. Sometimes, I even get inspiration that is so left field from what I’m looking at, that I have started sketching layouts and notes in a notebook, otherwise I think of them and if I don’t act on them as they come to me, they are gone forever. Writing them down is the next best thing. I love books, thanks for this chance to win a crafty one from Martha.

  60. Etsy is a treasure chest of inspiration. As an aspiring indie artist/crafter/creative what have you, I love seeing the hard work that people put into their homemade products. I am especially inspired by the art prints, stationary, the embroidery patterns, and the jewelry I find. Sometimes I think “Oh I could try making something like that.” Other times I think, nope, not a chance, and add it to my shopping cart šŸ™‚

  61. Oh I so wish I could come! I’m from Sarasota originally and would totally come if I still lived there! (I’m in Chicago now.) I would love to meet you and soak up your crafting genius! and talk with the cricut peeps too! I have so many questions about the new explore! I switched from cricut to silhouette so I could make my own cuts and use print and cut. I’m really interested to see the explore’s capabilities (their videos were very vague).

    1. I totally forget to answer the question! I love finding gift inspiration on Etsy. I also frequent YOU, Damask Love, a ton (my go to source for packaging inspiration)! For cards and paper crafts I love checking out Papertrey and Studio Calico’s design teams. Under a Cherry Tree is full of great tutorials for hybrid paper crafts. I love mixing traditional paper crafts with graphic design.

  62. I might be a little old school, but I still use google images! If there is a certain stamp or item I want to use and need inspiration, i just use google to see what other people use. Pinteret is good too but searching for a specific item is a little hard!

  63. Pinterest is a good source for inspiration, but when that fails, I just sit down at my craft table and start playing. I am blessed to have a wonderful collection of beautiful papers, colorful inks and ribbons, assorted tinkets and fine tools. These good quality products have a magic all their own and help to stir the creative pot.

  64. Congratulations on your new design workshop with Cricut! Other than Pinterest, I follow blogs, subscribe to magazines, and read my craft books for inspiration.

  65. Blogs. It used to be real magazines like Paper Crafts before they went cyber. I still use the magazines to jumpstart the ol’ mojo….I just try to interpret the “old” style into something more modern, with trendier product.

  66. Like many others here I use blogs for inspiration, but also Design papers often inspire me with their colours and patterns and I go from there.

  67. Ravelry is my main go to for ideas and inspirations. But Pinterest is like the mother source for all type of crafts.

  68. Other than Pinterest I like to check out other crafty blogs and magazines. Doesn’t have to be a craft magazine either, there is so much colour inspiration in general magazines.

  69. Pinterest…I have often wondered how I ever survived without it!! I have a board for each event/party I am hosting! Oh before it…haha…actually I do love Pinterest…but even still I got to the mnfg site and/or their blog. And if they have a DT it’s triple score bonus. The hardest part for me is choosing the first piece of paper…after that..smooth sailing. But that first piece of paper sometimes drives me nuts!
    Have great one!

  70. Blogs are great and I am a saver of magazines. But I have found that Googling a general idea of what I am looking for brings up a plethora (love that word!)of ideas that lead to other ideas, that lead to other ideas….

  71. Lately, huge amounts of creativeness run across my FB feed since I “liked” so many crafty people and pages.

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