DIY: Free Printable Coloring Calendar Pages

January 5, 2016

Free Printable Coloring Calendar | damask love


Coloring is all the rage. Also, water is wet.

Now that we have the obvious pieces of information out of the way, let’s get down to today’s life changing post. Well – maybe not “life changing” but awesome nonetheless.

These free coloring calendar pages have been in the works for months. After years of doing different DIY calendars here on Damask Love, I wanted to bring you a FREE printable calendar that you can color ’til your heart’s content. So, naturally I summoned the skillz of everyone’s favorite illustrator, Kristen Magee and she brought the idea to life in stellar fashion. Now, without any more hold up, I bring you the 2016 Coloring Calendar of Ridiculous Holidays. Breath it in, friends. The level of “killin’ it” has reached an all time high.

Free Printable Coloring Calendar | damask love

Ridiculous holidays have been a staple in the interwebs for a while, so I thought a calendar dedicated to our favorite silly holidays would be the perfect theme for a coloring calendar.

Kristen brought each holiday to life with illustrations that are fun and easy to color…and you can even cut them out and use each image as an embellishment for a tag or handmade card.

Free Printable Coloring Calendar | damask love

Free Printable Coloring Calendar | damask love

Free Printable Coloring Calendar | damask love

Free Printable Coloring Calendar

Free Printable Coloring Calendar | damask love

Free Printable Coloring Calendar | damask love

And now – it’s time for you to gift yourself a coloring calendar at the low low price of zero dollars and zero cents. We accept all forms of payment. We’ve got the calendar in letter and tabloid sizes so grab one or both. I recommend printing them out at your local print shop. Just ask them to print onto cardstock rather than regular text weight paper. The finished calendar is much nicer that way!


CLICK HERE to download the 8.5" x 11" coloring calendar (43541 downloads)

CLICK HERE to download the 11" x 17" coloring calendar (11066 downloads)

Graphic Design Printables by Kristen Magee of K.Becca

Styling, Photography and Project by Amber Kemp-Gerstel


91 thoughts on “Free Printable Coloring Calendar Pages”

  1. Wow–thank y’all so much! This is such a cute calendar and it’ll be so fun to color and hang near my desk at my oh-so-boring job (which I’m thankful to have, mind you!).

  2. These are amazing! would you mind if I put this on my Facebook page ( I think some of our followers would like this.

  3. I love these printable pages. As soon as I found this Calendar i ran out to the store and brought card stock to print the calendar out. It’s wonderful.. thanks

  4. I LOVE these little doodles! I have never downloaded anything before but it was so easy. Very kind and generous of you. Thank You Much

  5. This is gorgeous and you are very generous to share it. I do take issue however with Pancake day being denoted as “ridiculous” The tradition of making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is an important part of Lent and Easter in the UK. I have recently discovered that April 16th is “National Eggs Benedict Day” in the U.S. which might make a good substitute if you ever decided to do this again (and were not put off doing it by random Internet people like me being a bit snarky) Sorry to be a pain but I felt I had to speak up.

  6. I sooooo hope you’ll do a 2017 version. I think it would be a really great DIY gift for my daughter to give as Christmas gifts.

  7. I was going to use the images with a 20!7 calender I created in Word, but the links now lead to a Forbidden notice! Unfortunately the downloaded calenders were on my now defunct laptop. Please, may I have access to them again?
    Thank you!

    1. HI!
      I absolutely adore this calendar and I wanted to print it out even if it is the 2016…but it won’t allow me to download it… too sad!!!
      What can I do??? I really adore those little drawings…
      Thanks a lot!

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  9. Hey Amber, I was trying to download this calendar, but it now lead to a Forbidden notice, is there any chance I can get acces to it again?

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