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August 7, 2014

Foil Transfer Sheet Stationery | Damask Love Foil Transfer Sheet Stationery | Damask Love Yes.

It’s August.


That’s a Christmas card staring back at you.

If you’re anything like me, the only way you are going to be sending out Christmas cards is if they are super simple…and even then, you’d better get the jump on them right now! Lucky for you, today’s project will solve all your holiday card woes. These are totally mass produceable – and they pack plenty of “wow-factor” thanks to my newest favorite foil product: Martha Stewart Foil Sheets.  I was able to snag the last package of these from my local Michael’s but thankfully, Amazon seems to have plenty in stock. These sheets are designed to be used with stencils and transfer adhesive, but I figured out a much simpler approach. Here we go:

Foil Transfer Sheet Stationery | Damask Love {1} Martha Stewart Bow Punch: Easy my favorite Martha Stewart punch. I bought it a few years back and you’ll have to pry it out of my cold dead hands. It’s perfect for quick embellishments and perfectly sized for card making. Far be it from me to a be a craft supply pusher, but honestly, you should probably own this. All the cool kids are doing it.

{2} Martha Stewart Scalloped Circle Layering Punch: And while you’re adding to your punch collection, go ahead and grab this one. It’s a great basic to have on hand and it’s sorta like two punches in one. Visit THIS post to see just how the layering punches work.

{3} Martha Stewart Foil Sheets: These bad boys are rather cool. Just keep scrolling and I’ll show you what I mean. For this project I used the Mediterranean and Tropical colorways. The foil also comes in gold shades.

{4} Cardstock in the same colors as the foil you’ll be using. For this project, I used red and green foil sheets, so I used red and green cardstock.

{5} Xyron Sticker Maker: Okay – I don’t mean to be pushy or anything, but if you don’t have a sticker maker, then I think this needs to change post haste. Seriously. I’m not sure why you are avoiding the pure joy that comes with making your own stickers, but this needs to stop today. So before you go any further, go ahead and snatch up the Mini Sticker Maker and the Disposable 3″ Sticker Maker. Matter of fact, get the 5″ Create-A-Sticker Machine. There. Now you’re prepared for any and every sticker-mergency. Foil Transfer Sheet Stationery | Damask Love  {1} Punch bows from red cardstock

{2} Punch scalloped frames from green cardstock

{3} Run all the shapes through your sticker makers

{4} Place the stickers, sticky-side-down, onto the grey side of the foil sheets and rub gently to make sure it’s nicely adhered.

{5} Peel the foil back…

{6} …the foil will adhere to the bows leaving a negative impression.

{7} Repeat this with the green scalloped circles.

These shimmery little components make for the perfect wreath on your holiday cards and are so very easy to assemble. Just run all the foil pieces through your sticker maker again and you’re ready to adhere them to the front of your cards.   Foil Transfer Sheet Stationery | Damask Love

Foil Transfer Sheet Stationery | Damask Love

And you know from THIS post how much I love the Silhouette Adhesive Gold Foil, so I put it to use in this card design. A simple strip of foil on the inside of the card adds the perfect contrast against the doily punched edge.Foil Transfer Sheet Stationery | Damask Love

Foil Transfer Sheet Stationery | Damask Love

Foil Transfer Sheet Stationery | Damask LoveSupplyListHEader

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