DIY: Easy Like Sunday Morning: No.15

August 10, 2014

Easy Paper Punch Cherries | Damask Love Easy Paper Punch Cherries | Damask Love

Most recent pregnancy craving: cherries.

Ranier cherries.

The ones from Trader Joe’s…and only the ones from Trader Joe’s.

Thing is, Trader Joe’s is a 30 minute drive from our house, so I have to stock up everytime I go. And, every time I walk in, they know exactly what I’m looking for! I can finish off a 16 oz container is a day, no problem. I can only hope that excessive cherry consumption is not some sort of health hazard. I like to think it’s giving the baby super brain powers or something.

Sadly, cherry season will end leaving me high and dry and forced to move on to the next craving. French fries are a strong contender. When that happens, I’ll have this cute paper project to remind me of my cherry-loving days. Here’s how they’re made:

Easy Paper Punch Cherries | Damask Love

{1} Baker’s Twine: I’ve got a ton of this  stuff! Take a look. You can add to your own collection by stopping over to Baker’s Stock where they are offering 50% spools of baker’s twine to Damask Love readers. Just use the code DAMASK6. For this project, I suggest brown and white twine.

{2} Craft Knife: I’ve had this one for years and I love the feel of it in my hand. You can also use one of these, which is great for precise cuts.

{3} A Black Pen: I love my fine tip sharpies!

{4} White Gel Pen: I’m due for another one of these gel pens. I’ll probably order a bunch…that’s how much I love em!

{5} Circle Punch: I used this punch for this project, the size is perfect.

{6} Red and green cardstockEasy Paper Punch Cherries | Damask Love

Can you believe that you can make these with just baker’s twine and a circle punch!? To make the baker’s twine a bit sturdier, you may want to utilize a simple technique that I frequently use for projects like this one where the twine needs to “stand” on it’s own.

Easy Paper Punch Cherries | Damask LoveEasy Paper Punch Cherries | Damask Love

By stiffening the twine, your cherry stems come to life and are easier to adhere to the final project, like a card or a tag.

Easy Paper Punch Cherries | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Cherries | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Cherries | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Cherries | Damask LoveSupplyListHEader

11 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday Morning: No.15”

  1. Well, I think this is just the cutest ever! I have a friend who would love to receive this card. I love those cherries too! When they are good they are awesome and addictive! The baby will have a fabulous personality like yours, no doubt. They are so good for you so eat up!!!!!

  2. Awwwww, I love this! It is so cute and so easy to do! I love the cherries too – just picked up my own supply. Thanks for all of your inspiring project ideas. You are so creative.

  3. Seriously, Amber! Your son is going to be a brainiac! Hahhaha! This was a brilliant post. I could see myself having a craft night with my girlfriends to make these cards. Thanks for keeping it easy! 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to start making these! A couple of questions: after you put the twine through the slit do you glue it to the back of the cherry and what did you use to shade the outside of the leaves?

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