Paper: What’s Your Monogrammable?

June 26, 2013

What's Your Monogrammable | Damask Love BlogLet’s do something a little different .

This week, the Clear & Simple Stamps team  is reviewing the Collection 7 release, and today is all about personalized stationery. It’s no secret that I love monograms, so I thought we could have some fun with it.

I scoured my stash for “monogrammable” images that spoke to my own personal style. You guys know how much I love food themed stamps, so for these cards I pulled out three of my favorite CSS stamp sets and added monograms using the Alpha Monograms Mini. These itty bitty monograms worked perfectly!

So here’s where you come in:

I’d love to know what you “monogrammable” image would be on your own set of personalized stationery? Are you a shoe lover? A coffee addict? I’d love to hear!
What's Your Monogrammable | Damask Love Blog

What's Your Monogrammable | Damask Love Blog

What's Your Monogrammable | Damask Love Blog

20 thoughts on “What’s Your Monogrammable?”

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  2. Since my monogram is CBS, maybe a cute little retro TV with my initials on the screen? Get it? I’m a 50’s baby, so the TV and I are old friends.

  3. Love your monogrammable images – bright, cheery, and “you”! My image would like be a flower, or a bike! Great question – and now I’m inspired to create a little package of stationery for me, or my sister-in-law, or mom, or…Good ideas are so infectious! Thank you!

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