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June 30, 2013

Simple Monogrammed Sachets | Damask Love Blog



Sewing is not my thing. I can sort of sew in a straight-ish line, but that’s about it. Because I’m such a poor seamstress, I am always looking for work-arounds that eliminate or at least reduce the amount of sewing needed on a given crafting project…

…and that’s just what I did with today’s set of simple sachets. Great for give giving. Crazy easy to make.

The trick: cloth napkins. They are already finished on all sides I don’t need to stress about sewing two identical squares of cloth. Phew.  The only sewing required it to stitch together the napkins. I can handle that!

Simple Monogrammed Sachets | Damask Love Blog

Simple Monogrammed Sachets | Damask Love BlogSimple Monogrammed Sachets | Damask Love BlogSimple Monogrammed Sachets | Damask Love Blog


Sachets make for a great gift and with this approach, you really don’t need much time to create a set of personalized sachets. Gotta love that, right!?


4″ Cloth Napkins from Bumble Bee Linens | Clear & Simple Stamps Build-A-Wreath Spring | Clear & Simple Stamps Mini Monogram Alpha


6 thoughts on “Style Watch: Simple Sachets”

  1. Wow! What a lovely sachet! I feel like I can smell it from your photo. One question, how did you stamp after stitch closed? It looked hard for me to stamp when I already put some herb inside, because the surface won’t be flat.

  2. Beautiful! Did you use a special kind of ink or did you use just any regular dye ink to stamp on the cloth napkins?

  3. Yeah, this is so being pinned. I do not really know how to sew and am looking for simple things I can try.

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