DIY: Paper Punch Pencils

September 21, 2015

Paper Punch Pencils | damask love

So apparently yesterday was National Punch Day. Pretty sure that doesn’t refer to balling up your fist and doling out free wallops. I’m also pretty sure that it doesn’t refer to my 90 billion pound collection of paper punches. No problem. I can make it mean whatever I want.

National Punch Day may be all about that fruity beverage we all love…you know, the one that tastes particularly delicious and refreshing when combined with vodka…but in these parts “punch” mean only one thing, so I’m breaking out a few of my favorites to create a bunch of cute paper pencils that make for the perfect gift tag.

Paper Punch Pencils | damask love

You’ll need a few basic paper punch shapes including:

Paper Punch Pencils | damask love

  1. Punch a black heart and snip of the bottom portion of the heart to create the pencil point
  2. Punch a heart from cream cardstock
  3. Punch a scalloped square from yellow cardstock and trim off three of the sides
  4. Use scissors to cut a thin strip of black cardstock
  5. Punch a circle from pink cardstock
  6. Layer the shapes as shown and adhere them together.
  7. Use scissors to cut off the sides to create a pencil shape

Paper Punch Pencils | damask love
Paper Punch Pencils | damask love

Paper Punch Pencils | damask love

These pencils are quick to make so get to it! Start punching.


14 thoughts on “Paper Punch Pencils”

  1. Well who knew about National Punch day? I like your interpretation – paper punches! Those pencils are so cute! Wouldn’t that be a darling tag on a teachers gift?

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