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And just like that the premiere episode of Making It has come and gone. Luckily, I’ve got a TON of images that will keep the party going and keep you inspired until Episode Two.

In true Damask Love form, we kept things simple, reasonable, small and demure. That last sentence was a lie.

As soon as I knew the premiere date of the show, I started planning this event. I knew it had to be big – after all, this is the FIRST EVER network television show all about crafting…and oh, yeah… I happen to be one of the cast members! I knew the party would be colorful. It would include plenty of changes to craft…and it would absolutely include JOANN, my go to crafting spot. To be honest, I had a pretty good vision of the event – except for one thing – I COMPLETELY underestimated the number of people who wanted to come!

Initially, I thought we’d host 50 or so people at a nice quaint location. Maybe someone’s home. Maybe a cute restaurant. Spoiler alert: that didn’t happen. Rather than describe it to you, let me SHOW you what happens when 150 beautiful, creative souls come together to celebrate the premiere of Making It…Damask Love style.

Any good party needs a fair bit of set up – except in this case – we didn’t have that luxury! The premiere party was held at the amazing Miami Ad School in Wynwood. Since it’s a school, there were classes all day long, which meant we had to wait until the last class dismissal before set up could formally begin. No biggie. If Making It taught me anything, it’s how to thrive under time constraints! The only thing I DIDN’T bank on, was the line! A line. A LINE!!! The Damask Lovely squad DOES NOT play around when it comes to a crafty party. Guests began arriving as early as 7PM and patiently waited outside until doors open at 9PM.

Finally it was officially time to open the doors and let everyone in. In true Damask Lovely form, everyone was excited but also on their best behavior. I mean, just because we’re a fun bunch doesn’t mean we get rowdy, right?!

The obvious first stop for every attendee was the photo installation created by Lilly of The Creative Heart Studio. Together Lilly and I dreamed up a 12’x12′ rainbow room filled with larger than life craft supplies. I think we can all agree that Lilly KILLED IT! Everyone LOVED the installation and I’m sure you can see why.

Now, rainbow photoshoops* were not the only thing to keep busy once the doors opened! Upstairs was a trio of maker stations featuring crafting supplies from..yep, you guessed it…JOANN! Guests moved from station to station and created their own felt floral crowns, crafty merit badges and foiled wall art.

In addition to all the crafting, we also needed snacks. Lots of them. Three snack stations surrounded the downstairs gallery – because all crafters need snacks to keep up their stamina. Am I right?!

Thanks to Trolli USA, we had a candy buffet filled with gummies and guests were able to build their own candy kabobs! So fun!

The rainbow theme continued with a “Build your Own Cupcake” station, where each person could pick a cupcake and customize it with sprinkles and frosting.

We got things poppin’ at the popcorn station where you could choose from a selection of mix-ins to build your own personalized box of popcorn.

And if you’re gonna cut loose on cupcakes, candy and popcorn – you’d better have some kind of beverage. Harmless Harvest Coconut Water came to the rescue, and it didn’t hurt that the water is pink…obvi.

With a little crafting and snacking out of the way, we were all ready to settle in to watch the main event…but first I had a chance to thank all of the wonderful people who took time out to support me and this awesome show. There was a special thank you to all FOURTEEN Damask Lovelies who flew into Miami JUST for the party – from as far as Wisconsin, New York, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas and even Canada! How amazing is that?!

After saying a few “thank yous” I handed the microphone over to the awesome team from JOANN, who had a little something specail up their sleeve! You’ll never believe what it was:

For at least two years, I’ve joked around with the JOANN team about having my own, personal, golden shopping cart! Never did I think it would ACTUALLY happen! I was wrong. Stay tuned because I will surely be taking this with me on a trip to my local JOANN store!

With just a few minutes to spare, we settled in for the premiere episode of Making It. All eyes were glued on the screen!

…and thanks to OttLite, we could even keep crafting while the show was on!

SWAG TIME! As soon as the episode ended, it was time to hand out some swag! Each guest received a bag filled with my favorite crafting supplies from JOANN – unicorn themed, of course!

WHAT A NIGHT! I’m so grateful for everyone who attended and so grateful to JOANN for partnering with Damask Love to host the best premiere party ever! Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts on the premiere episode! Did you watch? Are you inspired?! Tell me all about it!!

But before you go, here are a few photos of me with friends, family and of course, a bevy of Damask Lovelies!

Thanks again for all your love and support as I take this awesome journey as a competitor on NBC’s Making It! If you haven’t already seen the first episode – go watch now!! It’s available on the NBC App and on Hulu.

*Lilly and I love to refer to “photoshoots” as “photoshoops” – its’ a long story but feel free to join us with this little inside joke!

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40 thoughts on “NBC Making It Premiere Party Recap

  1. I was having major FOMO leading up to your premiere party. This just confirmed that I didn’t actually miss out! I love you oh so much and am just so inspired by everything you do. Next week would you mind doing it again and I’ll fly to FL for the 2nd episode? It can be low-key :)! Love you lots!

  2. Oh my word! I am one of your IG followers as of earlier this year. My thoughts on Making It are that I wasn’t expecting to laugh as much as I did. I think you did amazing and showed your approach able work. I have to be honest I will more than likely be watching the weeks you are on it.

  3. I am a new follower of yours! My daughter and I have our own store of sewing items. I started it because she wanted to learn to sew. So I bought a 50.00 sewing machine from a local on the 5mile app. We have been successful locally and hope to redo our Etsy page and become successful there too. She is trying so hard to save her a portion of the money she makes to make duffle bags filled with necessities for foster children. She told me she wants them to fill unique with their own Duffle bag instead of a Trash bag. And I do my best to help her reach her goal. I LOVVVEEE YOU!!!! You have this exciting way to keep us joyful all day long. We watched this together had it recorded and set a reminder. We loved it. It seems everyone is such good sportsmanship and lits of humor which is just up your alley. Can’t wait until the next episode which I could binge watch on Netflix!!!!!!

        1. Lenerika What a Wonderful thing your daughter is doing. You must be so proud of her. I’ve been wanting to do this too. I’m in Redding California. Thank you for reminding me to go & start sewing

          1. I am very proud of her. She sews her little butt off so that she can set up her stand and vendor events and outside with her handmade stand and sell bags. We are making 150 duffle bags to start off with for just one local foster home. We do lots of crafts too, For instance we are working on her Tea party theme birthday party.

  4. Christine has kindly requested that I provide a candy bar for Episode Two. So thanks. But also, this party looked fantastic and my only complaint is that I couldn’t be there. ??

  5. You MADE IT, AMBER!!! The most enjoyable, energy packed, colorful event possible! Memories made and friendships secured. Thank you!!!!

  6. The show is awesome! And so were you on it. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes! Great job Amber.

  7. I loved watching the show & only wish I could have been there – the party looks like it was amazing!!! Will you eventually be sharing some how tos on the things you made on the show???

  8. Omgoodness your party looked amazing! So jelly!
    I loved everything about the show and you did amazing. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  9. Amber, you were one of my favorite crafters before Making It. Now it feels like my best crafter friend in my head is on TV! Thrilled to be taking this journey with you!!!!!!

  10. The show was great! So excited to follow you on this journey! I love that your Mom was at the party with you. What did she think about the show? Has she changed her mind about crafting not being a job 😉 I just love your energy hope to see even more next week! P.S. Will you come to LA?

  11. Well, duh, of course I watched it. And recorded it and will save all episodes to watch again. You were awesome. So colorful and your projects were great.

  12. Following you in IG for some time now, so seeing you on the show somehow made it feel like I personally know a celebrity! Thanks for inspiring me to someday make my passion my paycheck!

  13. Loved the show ! Love you and Damask Love. #goteamamber I watched the show with Beth and Anna and other creatives at #cricutmountainmakeathon. Hope you could hear us cheering for you across the country Amber !

  14. I watched the first show.Wow!I wish they would slow down when they’re showing your work.My husband and I both felt that way.And I thought your Unicorn was awesome!!When y’all are finished with those giant buttons I would love them.Maybe a spool or two?! Lol Laughing but serious …Great Work!

  15. The Party Was Freaking FanTabuLous! My niece and I had an Ahhhh-Mazing Time. I can honestly say that I think we’ve converted her to a crafter. We will be jointly giving my daughter her next party in almost an exact replica of your party night. Psssst… I secretly want the party for me, but I’ll be fine with little 10yr olds coming too…(lol). #youreinvited. You were absolutely amazing and such a gracious host. I met new people that are local and far away. This was so cool and I was honored to be there. You and your team sure know how to throw a PARTY… A Crafty One at that. I mean no detail was left out. Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous…This will remain in our memory books for years to come. Blessings to you as you continue to flourish on this Awesome Journey, Amber. I know there are even Bigger Craftier things ahead.

  16. Good Grief Girl!!! You REALLY know how to throw a watch party! The decor alone blows my mind with the huge craft supplies! I love it!!! 🙂 Not to mention the craft stations, cupcakes, popcorn, swag bags! WOW!!!
    I have to work early but am recording this series… I watched as soon as I got home from work yesterday. You were AWESOME! I enjoyed seeing how differently the projects were interpreted and the great wonderful crafts! I also appreciate how even though it is a competition the crafters help each other. I really liked your explosion box photo album and paper quilt! Great job!!!
    I look forward to next week!

  17. Thank you for creating such an imaginative, positive, crafty event, and for sharing your moment with us. It was a night to remember and we’re rooting for you (on the shown and in life)!

    1. Lenerika What a Wonderful thing your daughter is doing. You must be so proud of her. I’ve been wanting to do this too. I’m in Redding California. Thank you for reminding me to go & start sewing

  18. Love the show. Looks like so much fun. I also love all your Instagram post. Keep up the awesome creativity. You go girl.

  19. What a fabulous party!!! Snacks and crafts and a gorgeous photoshoop set ? Yep, watched on NBC app. Loved it. And… is there something hiding in Nick O’s beard?

  20. Can’t wait for you to answer all these great questions? I can imagine you having your own show? I wish I could “Like ??“ all of them?

  21. Can’t wait for you to answer all these great questions? I can imagine you having your own show? I wish I could “Like ??“ all of them?

  22. Aww, wish I lived closer as it would have been great fun! Cheering you on. Love all the crafter creations however I know you are the one I mostly can relate to as your projects are doable and not too far “out there” for the average crafter. See you again in a few months
    at Create!!!

  23. Looks like the most amazing night ever! So thrilled that you were able to be part of this. I’m SO upset that we can’t watch Making It here in Australia as we can’t use Hulu, but I bet you did amazing! ☺️

  24. Amber! Your premier party looked like SOOOOO much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed the premier episode of Making It. I’ve watched it twice so far, and didn’t realize how much I missed the first time I watched it, that I will likely watch a third time. As always, rooting’ for Damask Love all the way baby!!!! ?

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