Behind The Scenes: My First Blog Award

February 21, 2011

Happy Monday, everyone!
This weekend was a very quiet weekend here at Damask Love…but there was a LOT of business happening behind the scenes. I’m excited to share lots of fun with you today. Without further adieu, here’s my first piece of excitement…
I’ve been awarded my very first blog award!!! 
 Can you even believe it?! I can’t. I am so happy about this! 

Apparently, there are people out there who actually read my blog (not just my family members)!!
thank you, thank you, thank you to Create. Share. Inspire Blog for awarding me with the Liebster Blog Award, a recognition reserved for those of us who are blog newbies.

The rules of the Liebster Award are simple:
  • It’s a blog award handed over to your favourite 3-5 blogs, that has less than 100 followers.
  • The award is passed on to the selected blogs by commenting on their blog and telling them that their blog is one of your favorites and that it has been chosen for the Liebster Blog award.
  • The one who receives the award posts the link to the person who gave it to them, and five of his/hers favorite blogs with less than 100 readers.
    So, now it’s time for me to pay it forward and give some recognition to three blogs that I think are nothing short of fabulous. 

    Her designs epitomize “sweetness.” I especially love the cards featuring animals, like this one.

    Jen is a fellow PTI addict and her blog showcases some beautiful creations. Her style is very shabby chic, which is very different from my own style. Her creations inspire me to explore a different approach to papercrafting.

    This blog is just beautiful. Kara’s designs resonate with my own style. I’ve chosen this blog for a very special reason though- each Friday, Kara posts the Friday Inspiration File where she recognizes projects from other bloggers and links to their site. I love that she uses her blog space to recognize the efforts of others. It’s also a great place to get a quick recap of fabulous projects.

    If you haven’t already – take a minute to check out my selections. They are well worth it!

    That does it for my first post of the day – another one is coming up very soon!

4 thoughts on “My First Blog Award”

  1. Congratulations Amber! I am so pleased that your inspiring crafting genius was awknowledged and totally well deserved to boot!

    Thank you so much for paying it forward to me. Your kind words have really made my day as I didn’t even think my family read my blog musings let alone someone of your creative calibre! LOL This is fantastic and a tremendous thank you, THANK YOU!

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