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September 14, 2018

You knew it was coming. You had to expect it. You were thinking – “at some point, this woman is going to need to add to the team…” “at some point she’ll need an extra set of hands, eyes, ears and one more stellar brain to join in on all the Damask Love action.”

Well, sister you were right, and that time is now. I’m on the hunt for South Florida’s very brightest stars to join the Damask Love team. If you are a creative soul with a hefty dose of hustler spirit, I’d love to hear from you.

Keep scrolling for all the details!

— Creative Development Assistant —


  • Address day-to-day studio tasks (i.e. errands, organization, scheduling)
  • Schedule & manage social media content
  • Manage daily amplification of Damask Love content
  • Assist with photography, filming and amplifying live content
  • Communicate with brand partners
  • Creative brainstorming and developing content ideas


  • Extremely professional
  • Reliable
  • Able to work independently
  • Punctual and demonstrates consistent initiative
  • Familiar with the Damask Love Brand and voice
  • Local or able to commute regularly to Downtown Miami area
  • Able to commit to six months or more
  • Tech Savvy – you don’t need to be Steve Jobs, but you will need to know your way around the usual suspects (i.e. apps, social media, etc.)

These are the non-negotiables. Don’t let the glitter and rainbows fool ya – running a business is no small task and requires professionalism and reliability. Of course, the Damask Love environment is inspiring, colorful and unlike most other work settings – but even rainbows are hard work, and I expect your absolute best effort at all times.  When applying for this position, please type “Craft is in Session” at top of your email, this will be your way of letting me know you read through the entire description. 


  • You are familiar with Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop
  • Familiar with MailChimp
  • Available for occasional travel, usually one to two times each year for large conferences and media appearances


  • Compensation will be determined based on experience
  • Weekly hourly commitment is flexible, however you must be available for a minimum of 10 hours per week.

APPLY: Send the following pieces of info to [email protected] with the subject CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT:

  • Your resume or a link to your portfolio, if applicable.
  • A brief cover letter stating why you think you are a great fit for Damask Love – tell me what makes you awesome, brag on yourself!! I want to hear EVERYTHING about you that makes you perfect for Damask Love.
  • Links to three non-Damask Love images, blog posts, articles or lists (think Buzzfeed) that fit the Damask Love aesthetic. For each one, provide a caption that also fits the Damask Love brand and aesthetic. Imagine you’re sharing these on Facebook.
  • Link to your Instagram account

If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected]

27 thoughts on “Join the Damask Love Team”

  1. Wow!!! What an awesome opportunity for a very lucky person!!!! Let me know when a stylist position opens up. Happy Crafting Amber! XOXO

  2. Me! Willing to move from Houston to Florida! Husband disagrees, but can probably be convinced with really good tacos!

  3. What an awesome opportunity!!! You seem like you would be absolutely amazing boss… Unfortunately I live in Maryland? Good luck with your search!

  4. Wish I lived in Florida. However, traveling from Little Rock to Miami would put lots if miles on my car. Lol

  5. If you’re ever looking for an LA assistant when you’re in town, hit me up! Hit me up if you’re just looking for someone in LA to have a glass of wine with. I’m flexible like that!

  6. Wish I could fold the map in half and in half again so I could magically be in South Florida instead of North Texas! Good luck. Can’t wait to see who lands this awesome opportunity.

  7. Amazing!! I saw someone else from Tampa..and I think that since you’re up at HSN often, you may need a Western Florida team! I’m up for that! Best success in your search!

  8. What a dream job if I lived about 1500 miles closer! So what I really want to say is I’m thrilled to see your business growing! Wishing you all the best in your search for the perfect Creative Development Assistant! That will be one lucky person!

  9. I’m so excited for you that your business is growing such that you are hiring! I would love to work for you but am in Texas and work full time… 🙁
    I wish you the very best in finding the right person!

  10. I am actually from The Bronx, New York, but I feel that this would have been a great opportunity for me as an artist and designer. I have had experience with Photoshop in the past, and I have also done crafting as far as I can remember. Thanks for the offer anyways! You would be able to do wonders for whoever get this opportunity first!

  11. This is an amazing opportunity for any hard working creative.
    If I was not so many many miles away in Barbados I would definitely apply.
    I love following your amazing work and you are an inspiration to every creative Entrepreneur.

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