Fabric: How to Make the Easiest Canvas Tote Bag

July 4, 2018

How to Make the EASIEST Canvas Tote Bag | damask love

Let’s start this post of with a few critical facts:

  1. I only know how to sew in a straight line
  2. When I sew, I’m too lazy to change the thread so I just always use white for every project
  3. Last year I sewed THROUGH my index finger while trying to make a felt unicorn on my sewing machine.

I tell you these things to prove one point. I am NOT an expert with a sewing machine. Frankly, my skills are basic at best, but guess what – you can do ALOT with basic sewing skills – including making this incredibly easy tote bag.

How easy was that!?! Break out that sewing machine because I see a ton of denim canvas bags in your future! And as promised, head over to the Damask Love Instagram Page where you’ll find a video on how to make the stenciled star accents!

How to Make the EASIEST Canvas Tote Bag | damask love

And remember- just because I’ve got stars and stripes on my tote, you can create this in any color, pattern or style and for any holiday or occasion! Happy Fourth of July and Happy Crafting!

Be sure you share your easy DIY tote bag on social media by tagging @DamaskLove on Instagram. I can’t wait to see what you create!

5 thoughts on “How to Make the Easiest Canvas Tote Bag”

  1. You really do make that look SEW easy. ….on Jo-Ann’s site now looking at fabric. …since my craft room is really just a storage area for my crafts…. I have to find a place to measure, cut and sew ? Thanks for your frankness and all the crafty goodness you share. …from one south FL girl to another.

    1. I’m so jealous! You make using that sewing machine look so easy. When I bring mine out it’s a disaster. Great project!

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