DIY: Easy Like Sunday Morning: No.30

February 1, 2015

IMG_1962 Project-Ranking-FormatAccording to my trend-o-meter, gems are the new hot thing. Now, I’ve been a fan of gems ever since Ring Pops showed up on the scene. A big gaudy piece of jewelry…that’s edible? Um. Yes, please.

Valentine’s day is only two weeks away so we should probably use a few gemstones to celebrate. When I spotted these and these at Minted, I was immediately inspired to create a simple and adorable classroom valentine that you could whip up in minutes. You just need the right supplies:

You're a Gem Valentine | Damask Love

  1. First you’re gonna need some gemstones…and unless you are some sort of filthy rich crafter, the plastic variety will do just fine.  The bigger and gaudier – the better!
  2. Gold metallic crowns are what make this DIY valentine kit so fun. Kids (and grownups too) will love customizing their crown. I especially love these crowns because they are miniature and fit nicely into a treat bag.
  3. Of course you’ll need some valentines. These and these are perfect and you can customize the shapes or even add gold foil!
  4. Square foam dots are great for this project. Just keep scrolling and I’ll show you why
  5. ..and of course, my lovely Xyron 3″ sticker maker appears in this project…because I love it so much.

You're a Gem Valentine | Damask Love

You're a Gem Valentine | Damask LoveIMG_1955aYou're a Gem Valentine | Damask Love

You're a Gem Valentine | Damask Love

You're a Gem Valentine | Damask Love

Are you loving the gem trend!?

Thanks to Minted for sponsoring today’s installment of Easy Like Sunday Morning!


4 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday Morning: No.30”

  1. First – I just love reading your blog postings! You always have wonderful ideas and your instructions make them easy to understand the how-to’s…a true gift! Second, I’m so in love with your gem crown Valentines! I just placed an order with Amazon to get the gems, crowns, and the Xyron. Wish I could afford the Minted cards, but will have to come up with my own stamped version. I think I have some stamps that looks like gems. Anyway, thanks for providing me with such lovely crafty information in such a classy writing style!
    Love Love Love!

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