DIY: DIY Instagram in a Box

August 10, 2015


You know how I get down with Instagram. It’s my favorite way to do nothing. My favorite way to pretend I’m doing something very important on my phone, when in actuality I’m studying a recently posted photo of shoes. Or ogling a beautiful photo of pie. I’m sort of obsessed with today’s project because I’m bringing Instagram off the screen and into your craftroom. With this easy project, you can print out your favorite photos pack up your favorite Instagram photos and package them up in this cute Instagram box. It makes for a great keepsake gift for a fellow Instagram lover. Let me show you how it’s done.

DIY Instagram in a Box | damask love

What you need:

  • Rounded square paper mache box
  • Black and white cardstock cut into concentric circles
  • Heart punched or cut from red cardstock
  • Red, blue, green and yellow cardstock scraps
  • foam brushes
  • scissors
  • Brown and light tan acrylic paint
  • masking tape

You’ll also need (not pictured):


  • Paint the lower two-thirds of the lid with light tan paint
  • Repeat this on box bottom
  • Mask off the lid as shown…
  • Mask off the bottom as shown
  • Paint the upper portion of the box with brown paint
  • remove masking

DIY Instagram in a Box | damask love

  • Cut thin strips from cardstock
  • cut a rounded square from black cardstock
  • cut a thin rounded rectangle from black cardstock
  • Adhere all the pieces as shown to create an Instagram box

DIY Instagram in a Box | damask love

DIY Instagram in a Box | damask love

DIY Instagram in a Box | damask love

DIY Instagram in a Box | damask love

DIY Instagram in a Box | damask loveSo, tell me – are you feeling so Instagrammy right now??



13 thoughts on “DIY Instagram in a Box”

  1. I was going to post something similar to the prior post about that cool dude, but Lindsay said it perfectly. Oh and one other thing that jumped out at me…… only YOU would have scissors with gold handles!

  2. That’s genius! Must pin it, so I don’t forget it, and I’m planning on doing this project for my friend’s birthday.
    Thank you ♥

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