DIY: Craft My Flats: Emojis

August 11, 2015

DIY Emoji Shoe Clips | damask loveThe shoe clip parade continues and emojis are so necessary. To be honest, I haven’t really figured out the whole emoji thing. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I talk a lot, which means I really, really like words. Real words. Words made up from letters. Words that I can put together into a long-winded story about the randomest of things. Like tie-dye outfits. And ugly sweaters.  I can still appreciate a well, placed emoji, though. I use them a ton on Instagram, but now I’m crafting with them in another Craft My Flats original. It had to be done.DIY Emoji Shoe Clips | damask love

What you need:

You will also need:

  • shoe clips

StepOutsWhat you do:

  1. Paint the emoji faces with yellow acrylic glue
  2. Paint the circles half red and half tan as shown
  3. Brush glitter bond glue on to the emoji faces then sprinkle with yellow glitter
  4. Adhere the faces on top of the circles as shown. The glitter bond will actually work just fine for adhering the two pieces of leather to each other.
  5. Adhere the shoe clips. The glitter bond will work great for this too!
  6. (not shown) rock those emoji shoe clips, because you are now officially the coolest gal on the block.

DIY Emoji Shoe Clips | damask love

DIY Emoji Shoe Clips | damask love

DIY Emoji Shoe Clips | damask love

DIY Emoji Shoe Clips | damask love



6 thoughts on “Craft My Flats: Emojis”

  1. OMG I am never at a loss for words or emojis. yet ironically, I cannot use the emojis on my computer here, so words will have to suffice. LOOOOOOOVE. and I didn’t know that you could cut leather with the cricut. GAME CHANGER.
    Thanks!!! here’s my fav emoticon instead 🙂

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