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February 5, 2016


What do you spend $8 on? I’ll start:

  • Yesterday I spent $8 on an overpriced, underwhelming tuna sandwich from the deli down the street.
  • Every time I walk into Target, I spent at least $8 at the Dollar Spot on little metal buckets and bags of animal crackers, the likes of which I do not need in my house or in my belly.
  • I bet Andrew $8 that I could name six TLC songs in 35 seconds. I lost that $8…and I’m not happy about it.
  • I spent $8 on a tube of lipstick that makes me look like a corpse.
  • …and one time, I spent $8 on different flavors of pickles to see which one I liked best. They were all nasty. I don’t like pickles.

Moral of the story is that every month, I spend $8 on nonsense. You probably do too…so it won’t be hard to reallocate that $8 of mad money to something a little more sensible. Something a lot more fun…and something that will give you infinite bragging rights.

Cricut just launched their new Desigh Space subscription service and I’m here to give you the nitty gritty of how it works, what it does, what it doesn’t do and why it’s a good way to spend the $8 that’s burning a hole in your pocket.


Imagine if Pinterest had a baby with a magical website that basically does all your crafting for you. That’s Cricut Design Space. Cricut Design Space is the web-based program that let you browse pages and pages of predesigned projects as well as design your own projects on your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Cricut Design Space houses over 50,000 images for you to choose from and more than 800 predesigned Make it Now projects. The Make It Now projects are already done for you and all you have to do it click “Go.”

Cricut Design Space also lets you upload your own jpeg and svg files as well as use your own fonts. It’s a workhorse. Rumor has it the Design Space can also predict the winning lottery numbers for the next ten years. That’s a lie.

Cricut Design Space Explained | damask love


If you were to mosey on over to Cricut Design Space right this second…go ahead…I’ll wait.

Did you mosey?

Now, without a Design Space Subscription, you’ll pay about a buck for each image you use and about $3-7 for each Make It Now project you purchase. It’ll basically function as an “a la carte” service. You’ll pick what you want, and you’ll pay for it. I hate that idea. I hate paying for things.

Cricut Access is the newest service for all you guys who also hate to pay for things. Cricut Access gives you access to a ton of images, fonts, full cartridges and Make it Now projects at no additional cost. Here’s how it works:


As a Cricut Access member you get:

  • unlimited access to over 30,000 images, over 1,000 Make It Now projects, and 370+ fonts.
  • 10% off all orders on and in Cricut Design Space
  • Ease of searching for Cricut Access images thanks to the handy dandy little green flag that alerts you to all images, cartridges, fonts and projects that are included in your membership

Cricut Design Space Explained | damask love


There are some images, font and projects that won’t be included in your Cricut Access membership, but remember you do get 10% off any Design Space content that you’d have to pay for out of pocket

Cricut Access membership does not allow you to use your 10% discount on renewal of your Cricut Access membership…shucks.


Now let’s talk dolla dolla bills! There are two options:

  • You can pay for the whole year at once for $95.80 which comes to about $7.99 a month OR
  • You can pay $9.99 a month for your membership with the option to cancel at any time.

Either way you go, you’ll have unlimited access to a ton of content and more than enough excuses to get crafting. Personally, I like to take the “go for broke” option and pay it all up front. That way, come June I’ve forgotten about that $95.80 and I feel like I just getting everything for free!!!! (Yes, I know that this makes zero financial sense but just roll with me on this).


Here’s how I see it: if you own an Explore then Cricut Access is really the only way to go. You spent all that money on an awesome machine so you’d better use it. Don’t let it sit in the corner and turn into a decorative shelf accessory. Put that bad boy to work! It will amaze you and within hours you’ll be hooked. With my Cricut Access membership, I come up with every reason under the sun to use my machine. You’ll find images that you never imagined exisited and you’ll have fun using them in creative ways.

Oh – and don’t forget you’ll get 10% off all those supplies from Cricut. com which includes mats, blades, vinyl and tools…among lots of other things.


All that’s left is to head over HERE to join the club.

Have fun with your new membership. Take THAT Target Dollar Spot!

This post was done in partnership with Cricut. All photos and opinions are mine, mine , mine. Thanks for supporting the collaborations that keep the lights on in this joint.

118 thoughts on “Cricut Design Space Subscription Explained”

  1. Hello all you Cricut peeps! My background is graphic arts. I also do some basic no brainer design things. I want to purchase the Explore Air 2 to create vinyl labels / lettering for essential oil bottles and sprays. Then use it for my greeting cards. This company and their processes and controls they have implemented in order to operate your machine sounds terrible. I’m pretty savvy with electronics, computers and software programs. It sounds like Cricut is to the creative DIY industry like Keurig has become to the coffee industry. Does Cricut charge the customer to cut an image? If you purchase the Access subscription you have free access to images and fonts that are flagged. I get that. But then, do you have to pay Cricut to cut on your Cricut machine?

    Does anyone have any suggestions about other machines that do similar functions besides Cricuts? Or machines where the manufacturer provides the CUSTOMER the necessary software?

    I don’t think this is a good fit for me.

  2. I “upgraded” from a Silhouette to a Cricut Explore Air 2. I like the machine but the Design software is HORRIBLE compared to the design capabilities of Silhouette. It’s literally like taking a GIANT step backwards. Not only is the design software insanely lacking, the difference between the Cricut store and the Silhouette store is also like taking another giant step backwards. The designs in the Silhouette store AND the monthly plans do not even compare to Cricut. Cricut really needs to step it up! I will for sure go back to Silhouette when it’s time for a new machine.

  3. Hi Guys, I’m looking to buy a cutter for vinyl lettering. I have been looking at the cricut but don’t like the extra 10 they charge to do this. Can anyone recommend a cutter that will do what I want without monthly payments to use it.Thanks in advance

  4. So if you discontinue your subscription do you lose all the images you have saved? Do you own anything after discontinuing?

  5. I want to buy a circuit. But my question is can you use the Circuit without doing a membership? I want to us my laptop to create my own things and just use the circuit to make stencils.

  6. A lot of unanswered questions. Poor Customer Service. Poor instructions on use of Design Studio. Poor upfront transparent cost information from company. Was working with my cousin who got one for Christmas and was very disappointed with lack of instruction without having to rely on instruction through YouTube, Not sure I want to upgrade to Explorer Air 2. I have a large number of cartridges I have already purchased. Not happy with idea of having to pay a monthly fee for access/use, to start with, and especially when I do not use my Cricut every month. I am concerned about access to products that I might buy as a subscriber and what access I would have to those purchases if I was to cancel subscription during periods of time I would not be using Cricut. I have to say that from what I have read of experiences…it seems like Cricut has gotten money hungry and therefore making this great product a money pit for customers.

  7. Oh my gosh. There are a lot of free svg files on Pinterest. You can download your projects too. You don’t need a subscription if you don’t use the Access fonts and images.

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