Behind The Scenes: Crafting with Embroidery Patches on Facebook Live

March 16, 2017

I’ve often been told “Amber, you should get your own TV show.” Apart from not knowing where to “get” a TV show, I’m not completely sure that a craft show would make it. I feel like they tried that with Craft Wars and…well…that show is no longer with us. RIP Craft Wars.

Instead of going out to “get” this elusive television show, I’ve given myself my own. It’s called Damask Live and it “air” Thursdays at 1PM EST on the Damask Love Facebook Page. It’s the craftiest fifteen minutes of your week and it’s so much fun for me to craft and chat with all of you! Last week on Damask Live we made a magnet board using a pizza pan!! This week, we’re crafting with embroidery patches in unexpected ways. Join me. It’s a great time. Commercial free.

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