DIY: Cozy Christmas Trees with Loopity Loop Yarn

November 28, 2018

Pretty sure you never considered hugging a Christmas tree. Sounds painful, right? Well all that is about to change because today’s DIY + FB Live tutorial is super simple, super cozy and perfect for your holiday mantel!

With the help of my go-to crafting store, JOANN, I snagged everything I need to make the cutest, most colorful Christmas trees ever. But instead of reading about it, how about you take a look!

Ever wanted to hug a Christmas tree?! Probably not! After this DIY with Damask Love you’ll want to cozy up to your tree like never before. Join us to get crafty and cozy!

Posted by JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How easy was that!?! I just love how these turned out and you’ll LOVE how quickly you can customize them with your own selection of Loopity Yarn. It comes in plenty of colors to choose from!

Cozy Christmas Trees with Loopity Loop Yard | damask love

Cozy Christmas Trees with Loopity Loop Yard | damask love

11 thoughts on “Cozy Christmas Trees with Loopity Loop Yarn”

  1. I have been looking for a loopy look lot yarn and hand I don
    ‘finger crochet I what to make a blanket but I can’t find them could you help me you’re my favorite Joanne person on Facebook I love you

  2. I watched this yesterday morning, went to Joann Fabric yesterday afternoon, and this morning have six of these trees ready to give as gifts for my craft group. Thank you for the great idea and tutorial. It really was as quick and easy as you said–and so cute!

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