DIY: Muted Marble Letterpress Tags

January 3, 2014

Muted Marble Letterpress | Damask Love Blog

There’s a chance that you’ve seen shaving cream & paint used to create marbled paper – I am certainly not the one who invented it. Shout out to that genius person who did. Instead, I’m here giving you a a slight variation of shaving cream marbling and adding a little letterpress love. I’ll let you know straight up – this is not the neatest and cleanest project. You’ll have messy fingers in the end, but everything is washable and the finished product is totally worth it

Muted Marble Letterpress | Damask Love Blog

IMG_9008{1} Spray shaving cream onto a piece of wax paper (this cuts down on mess and makes for easy disposal)

{2} Use a palette knife to spread out the shaving cream and create a smooth layer

{3} Place small drops of pigment ink in a random pattern on the shaving cream

{4} Drag the wooden skewer through the ink drops to create a marbled pattern

{5}Place letterpress cardstock onto shaving cream and press down gently

{6} Peel the paper up from the shaving cream then use a craft squeegee to remove the excess shaving cream. The resulting pattern will be crisp with a white background, however, some ink may smear and this is okay.

{7} Use the wet wipes to gently blend the color. Because pigment ink is slow to dry, this is easy to do and will give you a slightly blended marbled look with a pastel, rather than white, background.

{8} Trim the cardstock to the shape of a tag and letterpress with the Twigs & Sprigs Letterpress Plate Set and Letterpress Starter Kit


Muted Marble Letterpress | Damask Love Blog

Muted Marble Letterpress | Damask Love Blog


Muted Marble Letterpress | Damask Love Blog


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