DIY: DIY Paper Ribbon Banner

February 5, 2013

DIY Paper Ribbon Banner Header


I made that cake. Then it took everything in me to photograph it without taking an itty bitty taste! Thankfully the cake survived and I’m here to share an awesomely simple project with you…

If you’re coming to Damask Love via TomKat Studios, I’m super happy to have you. If we were meeting in real life for the first time, I’d give you a big hug and tell you about my obsession with paper crafting! In lieu of that hug, I hope you’ll just hang out with me for a while so we can do some crafting together.

Today, I’m sharing a two-fer. Over on the TomKat Blog, you’ll find a project that I created using the paper ribbon available in the TomKat Studios shop. Here at Damask Love, I’ve got another project featuring that same paper ribbon in a totally different way!

Banners are pretty hot right now and it just so turns out that paper ribbon is perfect for creating your own cascading banner! Here we go…

Paper Banner: What You Need/Supplies


{1} Tacky Glue. I love this stuff! For this particular project, you could use a hot glue gun, but I prefer using a glue that allows for a little “fidgeting” before I commit.

{2} TomKat Studios Paper Ribbon…of course.

{3} Strips of chipboard, cardboard or stiff cardstock. For this particular project, I am using white chipboard strips measuring 12″ x  1″


Paper Ribbon Banner: What-You-Do

{1} Adhere the chipboard strips to back of the paper ribbon. The length of chipboard you use is completely up to you! I chose to adhere approximately 16″of chipboard. This will give some stiffness to your banner and make it easier to adhere letters to it without sagging.

{2} Create your first loop by curving the paper ribbon at a slight angle, as shown. Adhere. For this first loop, the chipboard should be inside the loop to provide shape and sturdiness.

{3} Turn the paper back onto itself at a slight angle, as shown.

{4} Create a second loop just as you made the first.

{5} Allow the glue to set and repeat this on the other side of the banner.

DIY Paper Ribbon Banner

To finish off the banner, I adhered a few chipboard letters and a heart shape punched from cardstock….then of course, there was that cake. I think we need a quick gratuitous shot of that cake, right?

DIY Paper Ribbon Banner2