DIY: The Trade & Made Craft Challenge

July 25, 2013

Trade & Made Craft Challenge Sneak Peek


How’s this for an awesome idea:

One box of crafting supplies

Thirteen crafty bloggers.

Brought together and challenged to create something fabulous with the same supplies.

Enter: Trade & Made.

I’m excited to be joining some of my favorite bloggers to put our crafty mojo to the test. It’s not a contest, but instead a friendly challenge to see what we come up with.


Trade & Made Craft Challenge Sneak Peek

Trade & Made Craft Challenge Sneak Peek

Trade & Made Craft Challenge Sneak Peek

After taking a look at the supplies we are working with, feel free to tell me what YOU would make! In the meantime, you can also visit the Trade & Made website to learn more about all the participating bloggers and sponsors of this fun challenge. I’ll see you here on July 31st, when all the participating bloggers will reveal their creations!


6 thoughts on “The Trade & Made Craft Challenge”

  1. Love your blog. These twines are beautiful and the colors …drop dead gorgeous. Thanks for a chance to win. Julie

  2. Some pretty looking products there, Amber! Very keen to see what you come up with! I recently used some of these circle plaques as bases for my “Golden Gnomies” – LOL

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