DIY: Style Watch: A Handmade Box of Chocolates

December 29, 2013

A Handmade Box of Chocolates |  Damask Love


If Forrest Gump had been a papercrafter, I’m pretty sure he would have said that life is like a handcrafted box of chocolates.

Now, I know we haven’t rung in 2014, but I’m already moving onto Valentine’s Day with today’s project. It’s easy. It’s cute and it is the sort of handmade packaging that the recipients will hold on to long after the contents are all gone.

We’ve all seen those heart-shaped chocolate samplers that fill the shelves every February, but I think we’ll all agree that this handmade box is way more fun and so much more special. With just a few creative cuts and the heart doily die from Clear & Simple Stamps, you can create this pretty little package.


A Handmade Box of Chocolates |  Damask Love

* To create the heart cut-outs, lay the heart doily die with the cutting side facing up, then trace the outline of the die. Cut out this shape to create each heart.

** You will need to cut out two strips of cardstock, each measuring 16.5″ in length. Widths should be  1.5″  and 1.25″. On each strip, score .25″ from the edge and apply a piece of  1/4″ Simple Adhesive along the scored edge. Then trim notches as shown along the entire edge of the strip.

A Handmade Box of Chocolates |  Damask Love


{1} Use a foam brush and liquid craft glue to apply adhesive on the heart doily die. This technique is great for applying adhesive to any delicate or intricate die cut shapes.

{2} Adhere heart doily die to one of the heart cut outs.

{3} Working with the 1.25″ wide strip, fold down the scored edge and remove all the Simple Adhesive strips.

{4} Using the tabs to bend the paper, adhere the tabs to the back side of heart shape created in Step 1.

{5} Follow the edge of the heart shape until a complete wall is created.

{6} To create the bottom of the box, work with the 1.5″ wide strip of cardstock and place it within the wall as shown.

{7}Remove all adhesive as shown.

{8} Place the second heart shape cut-out onto the exposed adhesive tabs to create the bottom closure of the box.

A Handmade Box of Chocolates |  Damask Love

A Handmade Box of Chocolates |  Damask LoveOnce you’ve assembled your box, you can add simple embellishments to create a perfect presentation. I opted for a simple tag and bow for the gold box, and a mini enclosure card for the pink version.

A Handmade Box of Chocolates |  Damask Love

A Handmade Box of Chocolates |  Damask Love


A Handmade Box of Chocolates |  Damask Love

A Handmade Box of Chocolates |  Damask Love



Heart Doily Die | 1/4″ Simple Adhesive | 24 Karat Gold Cardstock | I’m a Princess Pink Cardstock | Creme de la Cream Cardstock | Mini Bow Die Trio | Tag 1 Die | Tiny Note & Envie Die Set | Hearts Plus Stamp Set | Sweet Sentiments Stamp Set

32 thoughts on “Style Watch: A Handmade Box of Chocolates”

  1. Such a great project!! Can you tell me which liquid glue did you use?? I’ve been using spray adhesive for delicate dies but sometimes it seeps through the card stock!! Thanks Amber!

  2. OM Word! The cuteness factor of these boxes is off the chaaaaaaiiiinnnnn!!!! Love it, Amber. Now I’ve got this in my arsenal for Valentine’s Day.

  3. Cute project! Will you let me know when let’s make a date is available again? I was sooooo disappointed when I tried to order and found out it is SOLD OUT ! Thanks

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