Behind The Scenes: Spread the Love Campaign: The Winner Is…

March 3, 2013


It’s been a busy week of crafting and crushing! Thanks to everyone who participated in the Spread the Love Campaign. I now have a a bunch more blogs in my Google Reader thanks to all the fabulous suggestions! We can all congratulate Jean Martin from Stampin’ Scrapper, who was chosen by Clear & Simple Stamps as their “blog crush.” You’ll be seeing more from Jean, when she joins the CSS team for the upcoming Collection 7 release! In the meantime, show her some love for a job well done.

To each person who participated, keep your eyes peeled for a virtual swag bag that will be coming your way via email! While you wait for it to arrive, take a look through all the blogs that were are part of the Spread the Love campaign…there’s a lot to love in these two lists.




11 thoughts on “Spread the Love Campaign: The Winner Is…”

  1. Yay! Thank you Amber! I loved this installment because I found a lot of awesome blogs that other people are “crushing” on. 🙂

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