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Are people stick rocking mullets? Is that still happening? I lived in North Carolina for a “spell” and saw my fair share of mullets. (Note: as best as I can tell “a spell” is the most ambiguous measurement of time known to man. Somewhere between a few minutes and a few years. I seriously love the south).

Now, ever since I moved to Miami, mullets have been replaced with fake butts – which I see on a daily basis. No lie. Fake butts are amazing and once you’ve seen one – you’ll never be the same. You can’t un-ring a bell, people. And you can’t un-see a fake butt. It will forever be burned into your retinas. Sort of looks like  two Christmas hams jammed into a pair of yoga pants.

Thing is – mullets and fake butts are sort of the same thing. Business in the front. Party in the back. Which brings me to today’s project. I know you were worried there for a minute – but it always comes back to paper crafting, friends. Always.

Inside Out Stationery | Damask LoveInside Out Stationery | Damask Love

Today’s cards are the mullets of crafting. Business up front. Partytime when open em up. Here we go.

Inside Out Stationery | Damask LoveInside Out Stationery | Damask LoveIf “partial die-cutting” is greek to you – check out THIS post from the archives to get an idea of how it works. The partial die cut allows a portion of the image to come through to the front of the card, leaving you lots of space on the inside of the card to stamp a beautiful floral pattern. The technique is easy but the result is something the recipient will love.

Inside Out Stationery | Damask Love

Inside Out Stationery | Damask Love

Inside Out Stationery | Damask Love

Inside Out Stationery | Damask Love

Inside Out Stationery | Damask Love

Inside Out Stationery | Damask Love

Inside Out Stationery | Damask Love

Inside Out Stationery | Damask Love

SupplyListHEaderPapertrey Ink Rosie Posie Stamp Set | Irresistibly Ikat Stamp Set  | Simple Sunflower Mini Stamp Set | The Sweet Life Stamp Set

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31 thoughts on “Inside Out Stationery

  1. Umm, Amber: how am I supposed to keep up with you, young lady? Whoa! I’ve been crafting up a paperstorm the last couple of days trying to keep up with the Kemp-Gerstel’s is hard work. Thanks for the inspiration! 😉

  2. Umm, Amber: how am I supposed to keep up with you, young lady? Whoa! I’ve been crafting up a paperstorm the last couple of days trying to keep up with the Kemp-Gerstel’s. Thanks for the inspiration! 😉

  3. Love these cards Amber. I struggle with one layer cards and this is a PERFECT way to keep the card flat but still have lots of visual interest. BRILLIANT!!

  4. OMG! I have never seen a fake Butt! I guess I am leading a sheltered life! Too Funny!!!! Love your cards!!! The first time I found your site I had to visit all the past stuff just in case I missed something!!!!

    1. HA! Believe it or not – posting MORE helps me stay on task and work more efficiently which means I can usually get in 6ish hours every night! And speaking of rolls – you got butter and jam for them?

  5. You are simply amazing!!! Once I found you, I never miss a class. Your work is elegant and your teaching magnificent. I am definitely a proud follower and you have been a big blessing in my life.

  6. I am a new follower of your blogs and love your projects! You have kept me busy ordering the supplies needed. : ). What stamp are you using for the Hugs and Kisses and the other main greeting inside the cards? Missed seeing that ….

    Slow down so I can get a few projects complete. I just ordered what I need for the monogram notepads which I love.

  7. you are too funny !!!that totally made my day !!you should have your own talk show and above all that, that is the most beautiful handmade card!!

  8. Of course the cards are fabulous just like you and the partial die cut ……… need to do that ASAP but I have to be honest I had to take a break before looking at the crafts because I was laughing so hard about the beginning of the post. I am here to report, proudly I might add, that non of the people I hang with in NC have a mullet …….. and for that I AM SO THANKFUL!! And I have my own booty I certainly do not need an assist there ~ Of course you are Awesome ~ keep that up 🙂

  9. O.K. – first of all – gorgeous cards and I can’t wait to try them and I need to add PURE GENIUS!!! Now – onto this butt thing – I can’t believe some people pay for what others would willingly give away if they could!!! And yes – a fake butt is not an image that one would forget without hypnosis!!! Thanks for the great posts always sure to deliver inspiring ideas and witty humor!!!

  10. Amber, Amber, Amber – you seriously need a TV show for both entertaining and crafting! Beautiful cards, and hilarious post 🙂

  11. Amber, I’ve mentioned before, you really need to join some comedic group. Don’t give up this day job though, as we would be way too sad!
    Love, love all these projects you’re sharing with all of us! You never cease to amaze me in your talents!!

  12. hi amber – love this idea and rosie posie is one of my favorite stamps – but…. what did you use to cut the metal dies apart so just the big flower can be used.

    1. I have the same question. I really need to know, cause I saw this post while away on vacation, now I’m home, wanna try making thes cards and I realize the dies are all together. HELP!

  13. hahahaha…..oh my gosh, this post is HILARIOUS!! “You can’t unring that bell, ladies”…I was hysterically laughing. I just received PTI’s The Sweet Life stamp set yesterday and have been looking online for color inspiration and saw your post. What are the chances that you remember the ink combo you used cuz these flowers are GORGEOUS and I apparently don’t have enough inks and need to get more!! Thanks for sharing your super amusing and beautiful post!!

  14. Amber, you are not only a superb artist, you are very funny! What a delight to find you! I have added your blog to my email subscriptions and I’m looking forward to receiving yet more inspiration and viewing pleasure. 🙂

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