Style: How to Make a Pom Pom Sweater – NO SEW!

July 25, 2019

I saw THIS pom pom sweater and immediately said “oh, I can make that.” Because, that’s what you say to yourself when you’re a chronic DIYer . Also, I think the poms on the original design are a little large and verge on “clownish” ya know?




  1. Trace the shape of your sweater onto poster board and cut out.
  2. Insert the posterboard into the sweater. This will help the sweater keep it’s shape as you work with it.
  3. Arrange the pom poms on the sweater in your desired pattern
  4. Working with one pom pom at a time, lift up the pom pom with tweezers, place a generous dot of glue directly onto the sweater, then place the pom pom on top
  5. Repeat this for the entire sweater then allow to dry completely before wearing.

Well, little did I know just how easy it would be to create my very own pom pom sweater…because, sis…this project require no sewing. You heard me! ZERO sewing! And I’ll do you one better – you can create this top by using a sweater you already own. Have a sold you yet? Nope? Well, sit back and join me for the most colorful three minutes of your day!


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5 thoughts on “How to Make a Pom Pom Sweater – NO SEW!”

  1. Whenever there is fabric involved you should sew it! It is so simple to sew those pom poms on this sweater, it is even simple to make pom poms yourself. I don`t know for what you need a whole post abot glueing something on something else? Sorry, but I find this rather useless and I don`t know anyone who would wear a sweater with glue on it.


    1. *Veronica* not necessarily. There are plenty of no-sew projects that involve fabric. Your comment was quite harsh. I s’pose YOU think so,but not everyone is good with needles and threads. And Amber here found an easy way to do it quick and fast. You are just jealous.

  2. Thanks for the NO SEW sweater idea. The sweater is adorable! I am always inspired by your posts and I am sure there are are many people who do not sew (or do not want to sew) who will enjoy making this. Keep up the great work! You are so creative.

  3. What a cute sweater! I agree with your opinion about the too large pom poms on the Kate Spade sweater. I’m not good at sewing and think I could easily do this.

  4. This pom pom sweater is so cute and festive. It is totally on trend right now too. I am pinning to show my daughter.

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