Easy: Easy Like Sunday Morning: No.14

August 3, 2014

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Foil Striped Stationery

If I had to pick a favorite color – I’d have to say sparkly. Or shiny. Or both.

I’m a sucker for anything gold, gilded or foiled, which is why this week’s posts have one thing in common…


Foiled stationery and gifts are kind of everywhere – so I figured we’d might as well take a minute to dissect the doability of crafting with foil. There are a ton of products and techniques out there that you can tackle, ranging from incredibly simple (like today’s project) or a bit more involved for all your expert crafty girls (and guys).

Today, I’m combining two of my loves: gold foil and stripes. The looks of striped gold foil is one you’ll see all over the interwebs, but it can be tough to execute on your own with perfection…until right now.

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Foil Striped Stationery

{1} Heart Punch – I am particularly smitten by THIS punch. The curves of the heart are just so perfect.

{2} Adhesive gold foil. You’ll wanna go ahead and add THIS to your stash.  It’s printable. It’s adhesive. It’s gold foil. It’s everything you never knew you needed. And, oh yeah…it comes in silver too!

{3} Assorted cardstock in bold colors

{4} Not pictured: A good paper trimmer. I swear by my Fiskars ProCision Trimmer. It easily cuts slivers of paper and the blades doesn’t need to be replaced…it just continually self-sharpens.

Okay. Now that you’ve got your supplies, here’s the deal: there is nothing terribly earth shattering about this project, but here’s the secret. Simple stationery is all about perfect execution, because you don’t have many places to hide your flubs. For these cards, the adhesive gold foil makes it incredibly easy to quickly create a striped pattern and the foil is thin enough that is almost appears are one layer on the card.  Here’s a quick rundown of what you do:

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Foil Striped Stationery


Easy Like Sunday Morning: Foil Striped StationeryEasy Like Sunday Morning: Foil Striped Stationery

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Foil Striped Stationery

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Foil Striped Stationery

See you tomorrow for a tutorial that was requested via Twitter! It’s a bit more advanced, but the technique is awesome. You’re gonna love it.SupplyListHEader

9 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday Morning: No.14”

  1. Woohoo! You’re back! Today’s lesson is quite lush, Amber. I have all the materials and look forward to getting my crafty on today. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  2. So glad to see you back on the blog, Amber. Hope you and baby are doing very well and that you are getting lots of rest. I am a total night owl… except for during pregnancy when I frequently opted for sleep instead of dinner. Take care of both yourselves!

  3. See that the harts are the same color as the envelopes, what brand are they? Love them so much, bought the gold foil, the punch and I hope soon the cardstock and envelopes

  4. Marvelous design – and I have all these bits – YAY!!

    Just got back from a long holiday , so catching up with all your delectable projects. Hope you’re keeping well 🙂

  5. I love these cards! They are so pretty. I would love to share them as a DIY idea for bridesmaid cards on my site, linking back here if that is ok. Thanks for sharing all of the amazing tutorials on your site!

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