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March 24, 2014

Handpainted Pencil Cup | Damask Love Project-Ranking-Format

I have perfected the art of grocery-store-checkout-line-magazine-reading. It’s an art, really. I can usually catch up on the Bachelor, the latest Kardashian scandal and decide “who wore it best” before I swipe my credit card. It’s pretty obnoxious, to be honest. I refuse to actually buy any of them – so I just take a quick browse while I wait.

Last week though, I had no choice but to purchase. I was flipping through HGTV magazine and saw this. I immediately had one of those “oh – I can totally make that” moments. So here I am, with the results so get your DIY fingers ready friends because today’s project is Chicken Soup for the Handcrafter’s Soul.

Handpainted Pencil Cup | Damask Love

To create this pencil cup “knock-off” I called on a few of my favorite Martha Stewart tools , many of which I used in THIS post, which has turned out to be a huge Damask Love favorite.

For the glass tumblers, I would suggest these. They are affordable and the shorter glasses are perfect for projects like this. Go grab a case of them and you’ll definitely find ways to use em.
Handpainted Pencil Cup | Damask LoveHandpainted Pencil Cup | Damask LoveBaking after each paint application ensures a more durable finish – and even though the baking takes some time, the finished product is worth it.

Handpainted Pencil Cup | Damask Love

Handpainted Pencil Cup | Damask LoveNow – if your pencils already have a home, don’t fret my pet. This pretty little vessel is just waiting to be filled up with florals.

Handpainted Pencil Cup | Damask Love

Handpainted Pencil Cup | Damask Love


14 thoughts on “Design Inspired: Handpainted Pencil Cup”

  1. Beautiful job on this! I don’t think mine would come out so nice, but your instructions make it look easy enough to try – I actually have those glasses – I can just imagine my husband saying “Honey – what happened to all of our small drinking glasses…?”

  2. OH wow, Amber! I was just browsing that site the other day for pencil cups (but wasn’t too keen on the prices – LOL) – As I wanted quite a few!

    LOVE your “aha” moment and for taking all the “how can I…” away and making it a possibility! I actually prefer your version, the scallops tend to “compete” a little with the broad chevrons.


    1. Hey Valerie! Dont you just love those flowers. I got them at Pottery Barn – which, as far as I’m concerned is the only place to get artificial flowers. They are so lifelike!

  3. I so want to make these and got all the supplies, but am freaking out since you say to use white satin spray paint but the Martha Stewart kit has all gloss paints. Is it ok to use the “wedding cake” white color in the paint kit with the Martha Stewart spray painter you recommend?

  4. I absolutely love this idea! It’s hard to find the perfect accesories for a room and office with the accent colors and designs that will just set it off. There’s nothig like diy to get exactly what you are looking for. The gold makes it look fabulous!

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