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While every one else was in line at the Louvre, I was that weirdo visiting stationery shops and treating them like museums. Ogling paper and ribbon all day long.

Don’t get me wrong, we spent a couple of hours at the Louvre – paid a visit to Madame M. Lisa, but we also spent lots of time exploring the city and finding some awesome “paperies.”

Our approach to visiting Paris was to see as much of the city as possible…I’m pretty sure we earned doctorate degrees in navigating the Paris Metro. By searching out a collection of stationery shops, we ventured all over Paris and found great neighborhoods, markets and restaurants along the way.

I knew that Paris would have a few great paper shops, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of stationery gems I found tucked away on quiet streets.  If you are a paper lover like me, you’ll want to find these shops while you’re in the city. If you use the Metro and don’t mind a bit of walking, you can visit them all in a day without too much trouble.

Because of the huge number of photos included in this post, I hope you’ll CLICK THROUGH to see all the pretty papers and great info that I have in store!

Paris is for Paper Lovers | Damask Love Blog

Paris is for Paper Lovers | Damask Love Blog

5th Arrondissement :: Yelp

{What you’ll find} Tout Note is very much a gift shop with many trappings of a stationery store. There are plenty of paper goods throughout and more than enough to keep a paper lover like me occupied for 45 minutes of gazing and admiring. Tout Note offers lots and lots…and lots of adorable gift options too, like pencil pouches, desk accessories, office decor, pens, pencils and way more than I can list or remember. They have a wall of cards, though many are in English which may or may not be your preference.

{What you’ll love} The notebooks. Oh, the glorious, glorious notebooks. So many of them. I want them all. When you walk into Tout Note, the first “room” is full of notebooks of every variety. Some more handmade-looking than others…all of them, fabulous.

{The Area} We stayed at Seven Hotel which was roughly fifteen minutes walking distance from Tout Note. Between the hotel and the shop is Rue Mouffetard, which is a great little area with bakeries, produce, market and cafes. It’s a low key area, perfect for wandering.

Paris is for Paper Lovers | Damask Love Blog

Petit Pan :: 39 Rue Francois Miron  4th Arrondissement :: Yelp

{What you’ll find} We happened upon this place and I’m very happy we did. Petit Pan is just a few block away from the busy Rue Rivoli, but somehow it’s tucked onto a relatively quiet street in a great area that you’ll love to explore. There are actually two Petit Pan shops on Rue Francois Miron – one with mostly children’s clothing and another down the street that offers a fun selection of fabrics, ribbons, buttons and embellishments. Petit Pan carries a few paper products, but mostly they seem to specialize in fibers & fabrics…which is just fine with me. Spools of ribbon and fabric tape and bolts of beautiful designer fabrics that you’ll want to take home.

{What you’ll love} Through the window you’ll see a colorfully arranged wooden table. Sitting atop are huge glass jars filled with sparkling little star embellishments. In each jar is a wooden scoop for you to fill your own little bag of sparklies. They are like the best sort of candy jars I’ve ever seen. 

{The Area} Petit Pan is surrounded by great restaurants and shops. Just walk around, you’ll find lots more to love as explore the adjacent streets.

Paris is for Paper Lovers | Damask Love Blog

Calligrane :: 6 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe :: 4th Arrondissement :: Yelp

{What you’ll find} Just five minutes from Petit Pan, is Calligrane…an itty bitty shop filled with paper goods, dripping with artisanal qualities. Along one wall is a chest of drawers holding large sheets of pristine paper. They are kept there, untouched until the customer chooses her selection from another section where samples are kept. Then the shopkeeper will pull it out for you and package it up. The simplicity of each product in Calligrane were completely perfect. The woodgrain envelopes (pictured above) are amazingly realistic and I can promise you’ll never want to send it in the mail.

{What you’ll love} Food and paper. My two loves. Calligrane combined them. Amazing. 

Paris is for Paper Lovers | Damask Love Blog

{The Area} Calligrane is just around the corner from Petit Pan. Same rules apply. You’ll love the area.

Papier Plus :: 9 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe :: 4th Arrondissement :: Yelp

{What you’ll find} Once you’ve walked out of Calligrane, cross the street and head into Papier Plus. There is not much loose paper at Papier Plus. They really specialize in beautifully simple packaging that is available in every size and every color you could want. Photo albums, journals, stationery boxes, portfolios…most of which are covered in a linen fabric giving it perfect texture.

{What you’ll love} You know how much I love to package up stationery. Papier Plus creates handmade boxes that are constructed with extreme care. On the day I visited, the owner was there inspecting a shipment of black fabric stationery boxes and brushing each to make sure it was clean with no signs of lint.

{The Area} Welp – since you are still in the same area as Petit Pan and Calligrane, suffice it to say – you’re in a great part of town. Enjoy.

Paris is for Paper Lovers | Damask Love Blog

BHV – Craft Department :: 52 Rue de Rivoli :: 4th Arrondissement :: Yelp

{What you’ll find} BHV is a department store, which totally blows my mind. A department store with a crafting department? No way. I’ve heard many tales of this magical place, and finally I was able to go. Now – if we’re being honest, BHV is a lot like Michael’s here in the U.S. They carry many basic art and crafting supplies, from brands like Fiskars. They also carry a lot of supplies that I do not commonly see here in the states – like supplies for creating personalized wax seals. Who needs a personalized waxed seal, you ask? Umm…this girl.

{What you’ll love} Did I mention that this is in a department store?! Shop for shoes. Shop for handbags. Shop for stamps. All in the same building. If you don’t love that…then maybe we need to rethink our relationship.

{The Area} Rue de Rivoli is busy, busy, busy. Find a cafe, grab a seat outside and do some people watching. We saw some of the best “sights” while hanging out there. Orange-haired elderly woman in a fur coat, wearing heels and riding a bike? Yes, ma’am. You only see this brand of fabulous in Paris. 

Paris is for Paper Lovers | Damask Love Blog

l’Art du Papier :: 48 Rue Vavin :: 5th Arrondissement :: Yelp

{What you’ll find} l’Art du Papier is all about raw materials for paper lovers. While they do offer plenty of finished products like albums, boxes and custom invitations – the store is filled with high quality materials for crafty people. Each of their envelopes contains a stamp inside bearing the store’s name – so the recipients will know exactly where it came from! The shop boasts an impressive wall of wrapping paper in amazing textures that I’ve never seen before.

{What you’ll love} The wall of cardstock and paper goes on for quite some time. They have every shade and weight you could think of – and of course there are envelopes in every size to coordinate!

{The Area} l’Art du Papier has several locations, but if you visit the one on Rue Vavin, it is only a short walk from the Maubert-Mutualite metro station, where there is an outdoor market on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The market is a great place to grab lunch – then carry it over to the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is also nearby.


And so ends your paper tour of Paris! I hope you enjoyed. Even if you have no plans of visiting Paris, I hope this post gave you some pretty paper eye candy to keep you inspired through the day!

If you do make it to Paris, I would love to hear about any trips you make to these shops…or better yet…tell me about other shops that you find!

*Thanks to all the kind Parisian shop keepers who allowed me to take photos during my visit! Everyone was extremely kind. I am already eager to come back!

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60 thoughts on “A Paper Lover’s Tour of Paris: My Favorite Shops

  1. I’m glad you made it to the BHV, Amber, such a great place. I’m heading for Tout note come Saturday – thanks for the tip!

  2. Stop stop! Now I need to make a trip to Paris! Your pics and descriptions are making me salivate. Thank you thank you.

    1. I’m not gonna lie – after typing up this post, I thought to myself “It’s totally worth it to take a trip to Paris just for the stationery shops!!!”

  3. Europe has so many different and beautiful options. Unlike the US which seems to be the same old, same old. Artist supplies are endless and breathtakingly beautiful. I would love to wander all over Europe just to find unique crafts.

  4. AAAAAAAAKKKKKKKK!!!! I will be in either a paper store or a grocery store while in Paris, LOLOL!!! Thanks for all the great stores, my sister will be so mad LOL 🙂

  5. Those wood grain envelopes are perfect! Want want want! And all the stamps in French! Must research to find them!

  6. OH MY GOSH!!! I am amazed…both by your fantastic account of these beautiful places AND by your totally adventuresome approach to Paris! This post has me longing for another trip to Paris–this time, with a Paper Itinerary! :). Thank you, Amber, for for generous sharing of your time to bring us a truly wonderful Travelogue!!!

  7. You are hereby commissioned to organize a Paper Lover’s Tour of Paris! Oh my ever lovin’ goodness gracious! I am drooling over just the photos, and now I want to stand in every one of those stores just snorting in the fragrance of fresh paper crafting potential!!!

    On second thought, they probably would be taken aback at my standing there weeping…. LOL

    1. OMG! I would love nothing more than to organize a paper tour of Paris! There are so many other places that I did not get to visit and would love an excuse to go back!

  8. WOW, thanks for all the gorgeous pictures. Such eye candy, and your descriptions make it all the better. You are fortunate to have such a sweetie to indulge you and then in turn allow us to be there vicariously.

  9. Thanks for all the pics and info! Museums and paper shops, a great itinerary. Did you bring much back with you? I’m sure hubby would not have minded emptying out his suitcase for you. 😉

  10. I look forward to your posts more than I do any other blog I read! This one does not disappoint. The shops are wonderful. On another note, what is the name of the font you used for the word “paper” in the “Paris is for paper lovers” title?

  11. Oh lucky you! Thank you the for great photos and inspiration! My daughter is in Paris on a school trip at the moment -maybe, just maybe she might see some lovely stationery for me!

  12. Hi Amber,
    I’m so glad you had such a great time in Paris! Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us…I’m still drooling!!!

  13. Lovely list 🙂 Near to Papier Plus and Calligrane (on the same street, in fact), there’s also Melodies Graphiques, which is full of amazing notebooks and papers, and every kind of nib and ink you can imagine…

  14. Thanks so much for sharing the ‘paper’ tour of Paris. I also fill my touring agendas with art stores, stationery stores and art galleries. First thing I look up when visiting a new city! There surely are some gems in Paris.

  15. okay, I really had a chance to “visit” the shops and I cannot wait to go to Paris now!!! May 15!!!! and a Paris “paper” tour is in order. Thanks again 🙂

  16. your post makes me want to go to Paris just to visit the shops …loved your post …thanks

  17. The pictures look divine and I absolutely love those woodgrain envelopes … Your husband is a patient man – did he wait in the nearby cafés??!! 🙂

    1. He is definitely patient!!! He waited outside while I shopped. He actually sort of liked Tout Note because they had some fun office gadgets that he looked at. He’s a keeper, for sure!

  18. Thank you so much you are my hero! I love paper like you do and am heading to Paris in ten days! Yay. I drooled all over my screen looking at your pictures! Thank you!!!!

    1. Have a GREAT time in Paris! Please let me know if you visit any of these shops! I would love to hear about your experience there.

  19. Thank you, Amber for your post. I’m a collage artist from Holland, visiting Paris next week. Looking forward to buying lots of beautifull paper in the shops you mentioned!

  20. I was just in Paris with my mom in October but we didn’t see any paper shops! Aaargh! I would’ve spent all of my money and time there! Which was probably a good thing since we wouldn’t have had any time or money to spend together! Lol! Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  21. ohhhh no…wish I had seen your post BEFORE I went to Paris last June.

    Oh well….just an excuse to go back
    Thanks for the fantastic post.

  22. Great article, i’m actually looking for à cute, quirky diary for 2014, any of these places stock what i need?

  23. Just wanted to thank you VERY much for your very inspiring website, I just discovered it today and do wish I had known about it a heck of a lot earlier than today. I too adore Paris, a francophone like yourself, as it seems you are one also. I have been to several of the stores that you mention, including the AMAZING BHV, which is where I buy lots of decoupage paper by Decopatch paper from.As you mention Michaels, it is fine but BHV runs it right out of town for sure…Michaels some paper mache shapes for decoupage but barely any really good decoupage paper to cover them with, which I find VERY strange. I do shop there very offer, being that is just about the only place we have here, outside of the craft stores that have been around for much longer. BHV is the best of these for sure!!! Lee Art Supply in NYC (Manhattan) on west 57 street was carrying about 10 selections of Decopatch paper in case you are in NYC, but that’s it as I heard that it is hard to get Decopatch to the USA. Thanks again for your GREAT site, very moving! I am so glad I subscribed and am looking forward to getting your newsletters very much.
    Best Regards to you!

  24. Dear Amber,
    Do you know what french people (women over all) are doing with all the current crafty items and so many of us, here in the USA and over there are making, are they selling them, or just wearing them or both, do you have any insight into this, asking because I see all of these shops and wonder what are people in any location doing with all of these beads,etc.. (Yes, I know about Etsy) Also I believe you would love to attend this event,I would not be surprised if you have already, or at least know about it: it is every November in Paris, Salon Creations Savoir Faire it has something to do with Marie Claire Idees magazine..IT IS FLAT OUT FABULOUS!
    If you Google its title lots information comes up and you can also see a video thru Google/You Tube and there is also an event very similar to this one in Canada, I do not have that name now but if you are interested I could email it to you, let me know if you are interested in knowing about that one. There is also the CHA event in the USA. Google CHA to find out about this one.
    Have you attended it already the one in Paris?
    Also you might be interested in this radio station: (just thought to tell you about this as I am listening to it now as I type)
    Thanks VERY much for your website, I am very inspired by it
    Best to you! Merci beaucoup!

  25. Amber,
    Just wondering if you also do quilling?
    (not quilting, paper quilling/filigree)
    Thanks again for TOILE, it is fabulous!
    Best Regards to you..

  26. Good to know that stores.
    I just looking around for paper, which is card or letters.
    Thank you for that information.

  27. Hi. Going to Paris next week and I was searching for vintage shops and paper shops. Thank you so much for this beautiful website.

  28. Dear Amber, I’m spanish speaking, so please forgive my English. Yours is one of the most beautiful virtual tours I’ve ever followed. Looking forward to going to Paris and check all this unique data out. Best wishes, Verónica Valdi.

  29. Thank you! This is most helpful, as I am traveling to Paris in September and plan to visit paper stores rather than museums! Great reference, and description, and photos.

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  31. What a yummy post! I’ve discovered a couple of these but the rest are the best reason to go th Paris again!!! Thanks for sharing…..

  32. I’m so in love! I have want to go to Paris, but now I want to go just to shop at these stores. I’m so in love with paper, and I have been looking for places like this. I didn’t know I had to go abroad to find it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Oh wow, I soaked up your every word and photo in this post. I don’t know If I’ll ever get to Paris, but if I do, this would be my focus! Whenever I’m planning a trip, I do research to see what art/paper/craft stores may be in the area, but nothing I’ve seen comes close to this! Thank you for sharing.

  34. Sounds tres magnifique! I’d love to visit Paris some day.
    And, just an FYI…..I work at Michael’s, replenishment…..we do have sealing wax and alphabet stamps, along with a few other symbol stamps. It is in the wedding department…a tiny display.

  35. Thank you, Amber for your post. I’m a collage artist from Holland, visiting Paris next week. Looking forward to buying lots of beautifull paper in the shops you mentioned!

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