Gifts: Style Watch: Mini Mason Jar Candles

December 30, 2012

Mini Mason Jar Candles


This Valentine’s Day, I am bound and determined to come up with non-candy project ideas! Wish me luck! After weeks of sweets and goodies, it’s time to eat things that have leaves and grow out of the ground!

So far, I’m off to a good start with today’s cute little mason jar candles that I decked out in pink & red. DIY candles are incredibly easy to make! In about 15 minutes you can create these without much headache.

DIY Mason Jar Candles Supplies


The supplies you’ll need for candle making are available at Brambleberry. I purchased my supplies over 2 years ago and have made close to 50 candles without needing to reorder. Here’s what you’ll need:

{1} Wax – I use the EcoSoya Soy Wax because it’s the most economical option.

{2} Wicks – I used these, but there are several to choose from . On average, the wicks are about $0.25 each.

{3} Fragrance Oil – I went with the Fudge Brownie scent…if you’re not gonna eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day, you’d might as well smell it, right!? You can select your own fragrance here. They have tons.

{4} Hot Glue Gun (not pictured here)

{5} Candle Thermometer (optional)

{6} Liquid Colorant (not pictured) – You can purchase colorant at most local craft stores to give your candles a nice hue. I used a brown colorant for this project to coordinate with the chocolate scent. For a white candle, just leave out the colorant!

{7} Jars – this is where you can get creative. Choose any jar you like! I went with these mini jelly jars. They measure approximately 2″ tall – so they make adorable little candles. This is also a great way to reuse jelly jars you may be saving!


{1} Melt 16oz of the wax in a microwave safe bowl. If you opt for the more precise method, melt the wax in a double boiler on stovetop until it reaches 212 degrees.  (I’ve found the microwave method to work just fine for me, but I’m sure professional candle makers would cringe at the idea!)

{2} Add a 3-4 drops of colorant and 2oz of fragrance oil.

{3} Use a hot glue gun to adhere the wick to the bottom of the jar (not pictured)

{4} Pour hot wax into the jar and use skewers to secure the wick in the middle of the wax.

{5} Allow wax to harden. This will take a few hours or overnight, depending on the size of your jar.

Mini Mason Jar Candles in a Row


Mini Mason Jar Tops


To add some simple decoration to this set of mini candles, I used the Clear & Simple Stamps Uppercase Alphabet die collection to make “tags” for the tops.

Mason Jar Candle


I also created a larger candle using a 16oz jam jar and stamped a simple label on the front with my Clear & Simple supplies.



And to finish off the ensemble, a card & tag that would go perfectly with either of these DIY candle gifts!

I hope this has inspired you to make some non-candy Valentine’s of your own!