Holiday: Toile 2014: Top Gifts for Beginner Crafters

November 3, 2014

HeaderThis year, the holiday gift guide is coming to you in installments so you have plenty of time to digest all of the goodness! Each Monday, I’m bringing you my very favorite gift picks for crafters and creative peeps. I’ve only selected my favorite products so you won’t feel overwhelmed. This way you can digest it all and maybe actually add a few of these favorites to your own wishlist. I’ve put together a short video to give you a quick look at what I’m loving. It’s only two minutes so really – you have no excuse not to watch!

[ylwm_vimeo height=”400″ width=”600″ byline=”false” portrait=”false”]110724401[/ylwm_vimeo]

LittleMoreBeginnerAnnaGriffinMoreYou can grab the All About Kindness Card Kit HERE  – and while you’re at it, look around at all the other Anna Griffin card kits. I can tell you first hand that these kits are awesome. Even if you are an experienced crafter, these kits are great for making last minute cards for every occasion.The Anna Griffin style is romantic and feminine and I’ve really enjoyed creating cards that are a departure from my typical contemporary and modern aesthetic. If you want some inspiration for how to use your card kit, visit the Anna Griffin Card Kit Pinterest page.

FiskarsMoreThe Fiskars Tag Maker Punches come in four different shapes: the Simple punch,  the Label Tag punch, the Scalloped Tag punch and the Standard Tag punch. My recommendation is to start with the Simple or Standard shape since they are super versatile and will undoubtedly get lots of use this holiday season.

WoodStitchablesmoreThis January when I was attending the Craft & Hobby Association Tradeshow, I saw these adorable Stitchables for the first time and just loved how easy they were to use. The kits contain everything you need to make embroidered wooden embellishments that can be used in a ton of different ways. There are a ton of Stitchable shapes available:

Gingerbread House | Holiday Sampler | Cardinal Bird | Snowflake | Scalloped Ornament | Owl | Angel | Santa | Round Ornament | Snowman | Pointed Ornament | Christmas Tree | Gingerbread Man | Stocking


Three giveaways today! You have the chance to win each of my favorites in a separate Rafflecopter giveaway. Entries for this giveaway will close on Friday, November 7th and winners will be announced on Saturday, November 8th.

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111 thoughts on “Toile 2014: Top Gifts for Beginner Crafters”

  1. My favorite crafting tools have to be a good craft knife and a pack of patterned papers. usually papers in the pack are made to match with each other and that makes it easier to choose.

  2. The best part of this were the out takes. I laughed. So good for you to do this. Good luck with the baby. You are so much fun.

  3. Paper trimmer, paper, and adhesive (since I am a card maker/scrapbooker first and foremost) are what I think every beginner crafter needs! ; )

  4. I love Anna Griffin but do not have this card set. I love the new Fiskars tag punches and was thinking of asking for them for Christmas. I have never seen the stitchable. They are so cute. I would love to do these with my daughter,10yrs, who got me into crafting.

  5. The best tools for a beginner crafter have to be a sharp knife and a good ruler…and a good set of stamps…and a good paper cutter…ugh…I could go on forever!!

    Love,love, LOVE the Fiskars tag punches!!! I have made my own tags for many years now and never knew that Fiskars made a tag punch!!!

    Thanks for a great video….enjoyed the out takes 🙂

  6. Loved your video. The bloopers were funny:) I think punches is a great beginner tool! I started papercrafting 7/8 mnths ago and love punches!

  7. My favorite beginner-crafter’s tool is a titanium-blade non-stick scissor. It’s pretty much a classic for me and has been with me from my beginner’s day. Even to this day, I’m still reaching for that scissor because it can cut through materials, thick and thin, and it effortlessly cuts through glue dots.

  8. The best starter tool is a good ruler that works well for your favorite craft. I need one that has the metric system for making jewelry on one side and then I need increments of inches for card making on the other.

  9. My fav beginner crafting tool would be a good paper trimmer. I would be lost without mine. I love the friskers tags. I need to go out today and get them.

  10. My favorite beginners crafting tool is Fiskars Surecut paper trimmer. It cuts perfectly every time and has a wire so you see exactly where you’re cutting. Thanks for the fun video.

  11. I’m in love with those Fiskars tag punches. I think they would be great for any crafter. My fav tools for beginners would be a good paper trimmer, detail scissors and adhesive.

  12. One of my favorite beginner craft tools would have to be the rounded edge corner punch for paper. I love how simple and easy it is to give cards or photos finished edges and you can pick one up cheaply at most craft stores.

  13. A GOOD paper trimmer with scoring capabilities. Love your video. I see your pregnancy is progressing. I was so anxious to see you. You are glowing girl!! So very happy for you, and your husband. Shine on! TFS .

  14. Hi,

    My favorites are stamps. ink and markers. But ever since I started buying dies, my focal point are them and then the other three. Thanks for the opportunity to win this candy!

    María Alba

  15. My favorite crafting tool for beginners and even non-beginners is a good paper cutter. I’ve been through my fair share of paper cutters and getting one that cuts beautifully and stays sharp is a must. Thanks for the great chance to win!

  16. Because I love card-making in particular, the craft supplies I’d recommend for a beginner are paper, a good paper cutter, a good pair of scissors, stamps, and ink. Punches are also a good basic, too, as they are versatile and easy to use.

  17. I think my favorite beginner craft tools (and these are actually great for any level of crafting) would be a good paper trimmer, a tape runner, and lots of great inspiration – like Damask Love. 🙂

  18. Paper cutter and scissors are a must. Great adhesive. Then add on some punches and a Cuttlebug. Anna Griffin folders are a must.

  19. My must have for professional looking cards is a great black ink. I use Hero Arts and love it. My older cards do not have the crisp black line of my newer cards.

  20. I recommend that a first purchase should be a good paper trimmer. Then some good detail scissors and a variety of adhesives and papers.

  21. When I first began this amazing hobby, I didn’t know how crazy addicting it could be. I love this craft!!! When I began, I was able to get an amazing deal on a Big Shot die cutting machine. Of course you have the basic essentials like paper trimmers, scissors, ink pads, etc. but I found such versatility in using dies. Over the years, I have collected a mountain of dies. Definitely a good die cutting machine is something that I would recommend to a beginner.

  22. I have used two of Anna Griffin’s Christmas card kits. I was a beginner when I started and it was so much fun to have so many beautiful materials to use.

  23. I have always been drawn to the elegance of Anna Griffin’s products. Happy to see it featured here – Yay, for Amber ;op

  24. anna griffin card making are the best for beginner and experienced alike. I love to purchase her kits, but I have not purchased this one

  25. Those Stitchables are so CUTE!!!!! I make ornaments for my kids every year to add to a holiday hope chest of sorts (they don’t know, and I don’t want their first tree on their own to be bare and full of cheap, tacky ornaments), and I think I just found this year’s addition!

  26. My Spellbinder Grand Calibur and all my dies are my favorite tools but I did not have this when I started. I guess a good paper cutter is essential. I love Anna Griffin products and have a lot except not the All about Kindness Kit so would love to have it.

  27. My paper cutter was the best first craft item that I purchased. My Spellbinder Grand Caliber is my all time favorite.

  28. I started with some stamps and inks and a paper trimmer. And I quickly got myself a heat gun and embossing powders. I think heat embossing is just magical! 🙂 xo

  29. I’m a beginning crafter. Thanks so much for these tools. I’ve been stalking your blog for quite some time now. I love everything that you do!!!

  30. I have not been getting your blog updates and it is such a JOY to hear from you again! You truly brighten my day and make me giggle! Thank you! It’s almost impossible to pick just one tool! For beginners, I do think basic punches are the most benefit. Remembering all of the beautiful things you have made with a circle punch….

    1. Good scissors, glue, and markers. I mean there are many other things that go with many different types of crafts. Love the questions.

  31. MY favorite basic crafting item is a scoring board. It is so helpful in getting the base for any project. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!!!

  32. My paper cutter is invaluable…it is my “go-to” tool for so many things! It’s actually the gift I’ve given to friends when they are “new” to paper crafting.

  33. For a beginner I think it’s a toss up between a really good pair of scissors or a good paper trimmer. I would probably say the paper trim simply because you can make such nice straight cuts with it, but a pair of scissors can cut all those fiddly shapes. Oh, decisions… decisions.

  34. Beginner craft supplies of my choice would be paper, stamps, colored ink and maybe a black ultra fine point sharpie/marker! So many possibilities from just these!

  35. love that gorgeous Anna Griffin product! My fav beginner craft supplies are clear stamps, GRIDDED acrylic block, Versafine onyx black ink, tonic paper trimmer & a scorpal, and of course, good quality cardstock!

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