DIY: Simply Crafty with Clear & Simple: The Envelope Collection

March 31, 2013

Simply Crafty: The Envelope Collection | Damask Love Blog


Envelopes. They get no love. They get no respect. Manhandled by the postal service and expected to protect our precious handmade cards. If I was an envelope, I’d be ticked.

Today, I’m closing out our month-long Clear & Simple Stamps: Simply Crafty series with some envie love.  Truth is, I love envelopes. Nothing better than getting a piece of mail that is clearly NOT a bill…unless American Express has started doing their mailings in hot pink A2 envies. That would be sort of awesome.

Thanks to Clear & Simple Stamps, you have your choice of every envelope color under the sun, so there’s no excuse for envelope neglect.


Simply Crafty: The Envelope Collection | Damask Love Blog

To rev your envie mojo, I have a few ideas for how you can make your envelopes the star of the show.

The easiest way to add sass to your envelopes is to throw a liner into the mix. I was uber-duber excited when CSS released their A2 and 4bar envelope liner dies…makes it so easy. No excuses for plain jane envelopes! You can die cut a piece of  patterned paper or stamp your own pattern like I did for a few of these pretties.

Simply Crafty: The Envelope Collection | Damask Love Blog


Mini Circles stamp set | Create-A-Plaid {Large} | Background Basics 1 | Woodgrain Chevron patterned paper: source unknown | A2 Envie Liner | 4bar Envie Liner 

Forgo the treat bags and transform your envelope into the perfect favor. I just added a doily die accent and a little note. Super easy and very cute.

Simply Crafty: The Envelope Collection | Damask Love Blog


Bow Trio Die: Large | Tiny Note Die | Doily Die

By combining the doily and envelope liner dies, I created another easy way to create pretty envies. I paired the envelope with a simple, embossed card that would make for a perfect set of stationery.

Simply Crafty: The Envelope Collection | Damask Love Blog


Doily Die

Are you an envie-lover like me? Hope this post has left you a little inspired to spice em up!

9 thoughts on “Simply Crafty with Clear & Simple: The Envelope Collection”

  1. I love a beautiful envie…and yours are truly “Beautiful”, Amber! Thanks for the inspiration, too…I really needed that!

  2. My name is Janet, I utterly neglect envelopes, I promise to do better!!!!!! ;oP

    After reading this post, I have NO excuse – you do make it seem so easy 🙂

  3. Love the treat envelope idea! And, thanks for the heads up on all the beautiful envies at Clear & Simple. I will definitely liven up my envelope selection.

  4. Such a great idea! I love how you make up new ways to use simple stamps like circles or stripes.
    I always find it a bit of waste to use 6×6 papers as envelope liners (even if it looks so chic), because usually you only have two pieces of same patterned paper in one block.
    So your idea for custom paper liners is simply awesome and I will surely try to create my own patterned paper!

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