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January 23, 2018

DIY Painted Oars Home Decor | damask love

Last week, I bought a purple fur coat.

If you ask me, hot pink is a neutral.

And if my house was burning down, I’d grab my son, my husband, my computer…and the Chanel handbag that I inherited from Anna Griffin.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re surely wondering – “Amber, what the hell are you talking about?” Well, sisterfriend, I’m making a point. The point is this: I am not exactly the kind of girl who goes kayaking or canoeing…hell, I don’t completely know the difference between the two. What I do know is that oars make great home decor. I’m sure they have other sporty uses, but in my world – oars are for decorating. Period.

This is where today’s DIY tutorial comes in! Today I’m super excited to bring you the first EVER Craft is in Session video tutorial. You can consider each video tutorial as a little DIY segment on your favorite morning show. In each video,  I can interact with you face-to-face and offer some of my favorite little tips to executing each project. Let’s get started with today’s tutorial: DIY Painted Oars using DecoArt’s Premium Acrylic Paints!

In this video you’ll learn:

  1. Why I love DecoArt Premium Acrylic Paints
  2. How to get a crisp line when using painter’s tape as a stencil
  3. A quick and easy way to resize your painter’s tape for stenciling
  4. How I like to hang up my home decor

We’ve got a lot of work to do, as we build out the video tutorial program here at Damask Love – so I’d LOVE your feedback! What did you love about today’s tutorial? What did you hate? What video tutorials would YOU like to see?

Now let’s get back to these pretty, pretty wooden oars! Like I told you in the video – the DecoArt Premium paint has a medium body that goes on like butter and gives you incredible coverage…even on wood projects! The satin finish is also perfect for home decor! All you have to do is pick your color palette and start painting!

DIY Painted Oars Home Decor | damask love

DIY Painted Oars Home Decor | damask love

DIY Painted Oars Home Decor | damask love

7 thoughts on “VIDEO: DIY Painted Oars”

  1. Ohhhhhh I loved this craft. Excellent solo video work. It’s like I have my very own craft show that’s missing on the DIY Network????????

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