Cricut: Toile 2014: Top Gifts for Experienced Crafters

November 10, 2014


I’m always curious to know about my blog readers! Are you guys experienced crafters? Are you just starting out? To make sure I’ve got you all covered, I’m rolling out video gift guides that will give you a few tempting options for your holiday gift list, no matter what your level of expertise. Last week, I shared my top picks for beginner crafters. Today, I’m turning my attention to all of you crafters who already have it all. So come hang out with me for the next three minutes to see what products are truly my favorites.




I’m loving the Evolution Advanced and the accompanying motor attachment. Like many of you experienced crafters, I had the same die cutting machine for years! I was tethered to it. These days, my die cutting habits are a lot different. Many of my die cutting projects have been replaced with the Cricut Explore but there are still things that the Explore can’t do. I still love to create letterpressed projects, embossed projects and of course, I still have my collection of dies that I want to use. After years of owning a Sizzix Big Shot, I upgraded to the We R Memory Keeper’s Evolution Advanced . This machine is a huge step up for me and the design is so much better than the previous Evolution. I love that is folds up for compact storage and I love that there is very little guess work about getting the proper amount of pressure for your project. Then of course, there is the motor which I swear by! I love that I can push a button and have the machine do the work for me. If you’ve considered purchasing a new die cutting machine, I’d definitely suggest this one!


It took me a long time to invest in good markers for crafting. They are just so damn expensive! Copics are the most common out there and you can easily spend a few hundred dollars on a complete set. A few weeks ago when I visited the set of Home Shopping Network’s 24 Hour Crafting Event, I had a chance to play with the Spectrum Noir alcohol markers and was really impressed with how well they performed. They blend wonderfully and the cost is a fraction of Copics.  Win! If you are considering a high-quality set of markers but would like to still pay your electricity bill – Spectrum Noir markers are the way to go. The full set of 72 Spectrum Noir markers is less than half the price of Copics.


The Hot Glue Gun Helpers are the only reason I haven’t ended up in the ER from glue gun injuries. Such a simple invention that makes all the sense in the world. I especially love the flexible mat that catches all those drips. The heat-resistant material is easy to clean and dried glue peels right of so the tools will be ready for your next use. 


And now three readers will have the chance to win the products featured in today’s gift guide! I am loving all these giveaways!! Entries for these giveaways will close on Friday, November 14th and winners will be notified on Saturday, November 15th.
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163 thoughts on “Toile 2014: Top Gifts for Experienced Crafters”

  1. I love today’s post. What a great idea with the glue gun helper kit. That went right away to my (ever expanding) wish list. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the info on the Spectrum Noir markers! I have only ever used Copics and while I like them they are, like you said, quite pricey! I’ll have to look into these and give them a try! Thank you!

  3. If I had to pick 3 things I could not live without….it would be my die cutting machine, ATG tape gun and my paper trimmer! I do love so many other things…thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Thanks for sharing the info about the markers. I had a full set of Prismacolor markers but have been looking for something better. Die cutting is essential to life! So many classroom projects to complete! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. My favorite “specialty” item is my die cutting machine and dies! While I don’t mind the occasional fussy cut it saves so much time and is so much more precise! 🙂

  6. My favorite tool would have to be any of my cuttings tools- my scissors, my Big Shot, my Cricut, my straight edge cutter, my punches. Love them all!

  7. Oh THANK YOU! THANK YOU for the info on the Spectrum Noir Markers! I have been wanting to try markers, but haven’t had the “guts” to put out the arm and leg for them and then not use them! Also the glue gun help! A-MaaaaaZing! The Evolution Advanced…Oh what fun that could be! Happy Holidays!

  8. OMG I want all three! If you could see all the burn marks on my fingers from the glue gun! But I suppose my favorite tool would be my Silhouette Cameo. There is so much you can do with it!

  9. Even though I am an experienced crafter, I haven’t tried these 3 items yet. Can’t wait to try them out in person!

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great week!

  10. Man I should have waited and not gotten the fiskars fuse and gotten the eveloution. That looks awesome. And so does that hot glue set. gonna have to check that out too.

  11. A die cutting machine is definitely a must have. I will look into the glue gun helper; I don’t use my glue gun often because of the mess it leaves on my desk.

  12. I really love all three! I have never got into copics because
    They are so expensive – good to know you recommend the spectrum. My fav tool to use would have to be my adhesive roller – it’s pretty much makes magic happen for me! I had no idea the evolution had a motor! That is awesome! Love the video & the out takes!

  13. Besides my old Big Shot, I use my ATG gun on every card. However, my old SU markers are well used for writing my inside messages and would love to update them by winning these Spectrum Noir Markers. (I can’t afford to buy new ones along with everything else on my wish list.)

  14. Hi,

    My favorite tool is the die cutter, it lets me do so many things from embellishments to cards to gifts and ornaments, I can not conceive my life without it!
    I am enamored of your blog and the awesome things you do, thanks for the opportunity to win this candy!

    María Alba

  15. I love my Vagabond. It is so easy to die-cut. It sits right by my worktable so I just turn around and cut whatever I need. I see the Evolution is one of the gifts here. I’d love to try it.

  16. I think my favorite specialty crafting item would be embossing folders – especially Anna Griffin’s. You get so much bang for such little effort.
    Thank you for these product reviews today and a chance to win them! I have pretty much ignored the markers because they are expensive – Thanks for showing another option. I have 2 die cutting machines but the Evolution looks pretty cool – especially with the motor. I love the hot glue gun helpers – I must get those.

  17. THANK YOU for the wonderful chance to win!! My fav crafting item would be those new stickers that are a bit puffed up, kind of like puffy dots. I see them on cards all the time and love how they look!

  18. My favorite supply is paper (any kind!) because I love making things from paper. I’ve never heard of these markers… so thank you for bringing them to my attention!

  19. My favorite crafting item has to be my die cut machine and the incredibly creative dies that are available now days. I have a big shot, but the Evolution looks like a great upgrade!!

  20. It is so nice that you have reviewed these products, and with your comments I can make a wise choice. I would love to have an electronic die cutter. My arms get so tired die cutting with the machine I have now cranking the arm.

  21. I’ve gone through at least a handful of paper trimmers so I have to say having a quality precise trimmer is important.

  22. Hard to choose a favorite but I love my paper cutter and am asking Santa for a new, better one. Thanks for your giveaway.

  23. One of my all time favorite crafting tools is my guillotine paper trimmer. I like it because it gives me a nice clean edge!

  24. I have not tried die cutting yet but I do like embossing. I have a few of the Spectrum Noirs and really like them. Love your lost of tools.

  25. Love that I have discovered you and found your website! I just get so excited to see your post and the great creations you share, thank you

  26. I am a beginner craft person and I did invest in the Spectrum Noir markers because they are affordable. Thank you for all the great ideas.

  27. What fantastic products!!! This is the first time I’m hearing about the Evolution’s right up my alley…I LOVE to die cut!!! I evolved from being a stamp hoarder to a die hoarder!! LOL!!! Thank you for the chance at winning these awesome giveaways!!

  28. My favorite crafting supply has to be my exacto knife and mini clothespins right now. I can make so many cool paper crafts and the clothespins make it cute to hang up. 😀

  29. My favorite crafting supply is my cuttlebug. Of course its limited in its functions but I love how it cuts the dies I have beautifully and its compact too.

  30. Damask love is a new find for me and I’m so happy to be here.
    Yes! I die cut. I started years ago with a Cricut Personal machine then the Expression and now a Silhouette Cameo. I’ve heard fab things about the Explore but haven’t gotten my fingers on one yet. I also have had a Cuttlebug for years too. Love being able to add embossed loveliness to a plain project or cut shapes from quality felt. I also have my fair share of copics…invested in before the Spectrum Noir markers arrived on scene. I definitely would have loved to have saved the money there.
    Thank you for all you share and for the opportunity to win!

  31. Wow my favorite craft supply would be all of my Dies w/cuttlebug. It makes crafting quick and easy when I don’t have time to use my cricut E2.

  32. There are so many crafting supplies that are so essential. I love my Cameo, dies, embossing folders and papers. Oh adhesives too!

  33. My faves and must haves are so plenteous but is I had to choose, I would say my favorite crafting supply would have to be my non-stick honeybee scissor! That baby allows me to snip in detail, it can act as an x-acto knife, and so much more.

  34. I, too, have a Fiskars Fuse with the adaptive plates, but I really like the idea of a motor! Thanks for all the great suggestions and fun give-aways!

  35. I love my punches, easier than getting my Bigshot out, I do like my Bigshot though, just wish i had more space to leave it out all the time!

  36. Love those Spectrum Noir Markers! My favorite specialty crafting supply is Krylon’s Premium Metallic Spray Paint. The quality and color are great. I just finished painting the brackets on my studio shelving in their Copper spray paint and now I want to spray everything with it. It’s an inexpensive way to give lots of different things around the house as special touch.

  37. Fave crafting supply…a really good paper cutter is a must and I’m nuts about paper! Decorative paper, textured paper, foils, vellums…you name it, gotta have it on hand for when I want to make something!!

  38. Hard to pick just one, but I work on a 18×24 translucent self-healing cutting mat with a 1/2 inch grid. You can measure, line things up straight, and cut right on the mat, and it wipes clean. It also adds a slightly cushioned surface to stamp on. I couldn’t manage without it.

  39. My new favorite specialty product is my Silhoutte Portrait Pixscan Cutting Mat. It has reduced my need to buy coordinating dies that go with my stamps. It has reduced the strain on my hands of fussy cutting stamped images when I’m too cheap to buy the matching dies or if they are not available.

  40. I love my Big Shot, my ATG gun and my Xyron sticker maker! I love the thought of saving money on markers! I will have to give them a try. Thanks for the tip!

  41. You know, I almost didn’t click over from email because I thought what could she possibly post that I don’t already have?? I have and use Spectrum Noirs and love them. I can’t even imagine paying for Copics. I still have and use my Big Shot a LOT. I didn’t even know I wanted an upgrade until now! ha. One day I’ll upgrade but it is still working for me. I have seen these hot glue gun tools before but completely forgot! I kinda think they were invented for me. These are going on my wish list. My fingers thank you!

  42. The Evolution has been a great buy for me. I just wish the plate was wider because I saw a sweet deal on larger dies at Tuesday Morning…

  43. My favorite craft supplies are my embossing folders dies. I have always wanted to use the Spectrum Noirs because they can be used in so many ways. The Copics are just way too expensive for me.

  44. Thanks fr sharing these great products with us!! The die cutting machine looks AMAZING!! LOVE embossing powders! They are my favorite!! Adds such great texture and shine to any project!

  45. I’ve been researching die cut machines–thanks for the info! I get loads of use from a small, basic crafting tool set. It has everything from a mini cutting mat and craft knife to a hammer and tools for grommets. This little kit is great for on the go too!

  46. Thanks for the review of the Spectrum Noirs, added to my Amazon wishlist. I have one lonely Copic – just can’t get past the pricetag, great to know there is another option. My favorite tool right now is my Xyron (which I bought on your recommendation), it is making card assembly so much quicker and cleaner. Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  47. My favorite specialty crafting supply would probably have to be scor tape. It is heavy duty and works like a charm! Thanks for the chance to win those markers 🙂

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