DIY: How to Make a Planner Zipper Pouch

January 29, 2019


You’ll need:

    1. Zipper
    2. Two pieces of “outer fabric” cut to 9″ x 6″
    3.  Wide elastic
    4. Two pieces of liner fabric cut to 9″x 6″
    5. Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape
    6.  WonderClips



Lay the outer fabric on your work surface with the right-side facing up. Lay the zipper face-down on your work surface so that the top edge of the zipper aligns with the top edge of the outer fabric. Lay the liner fabric right-side down on top of the zipper so that top edges line up. Clip the pieces together and stitch across the top as shown above. 


With the first layer of fabrics stitched into place, arrange the second pair of fabrics as shown and sew into place. 


Lay out the project as shown and press the seams if needed. Finish off with a top-stitch as shown.



Fold the zipper pouch so that the liner fabric is on the outside. Fold the bias tape over the raw edges and clip into place. Sew into place.


Cut a piece of wide elastic that is about .5″-1″ longer than the pouch


Place the wide elastic into the bag as shown.



Cut two pieces of bias tape. Each piece should be about 1″ wider than the width of the zipper pouch.


Fold the bias tape over the raw edges and clip into place.  Stitch into place. DONE!




13 thoughts on “How to Make a Planner Zipper Pouch”

  1. Is there a way to make this without a sewing machine? Maybe with fabric glue? I want to do it, but don’t have a sewing machine!

      1. Thanya! Don’t be scared of a sewing machine. I literally only know how to sew in a straight line and it’s taken me far and allowed me to make lots of different projects. There are some really great, basic beginner sewing machines out there. Trust me – it’s worth a shot. Sadly, this project is tough to replicate without a sewing machine.

    1. Hi Heather!! Thanks so much for your question! While I’m normally all about a no-sew option – this one is a tough one to replicate without a sewing machine. Since the elastic pulls and stretches and creates tension, I’m worried that a glue might easily come undone and wouldn’t stand up to all the wear and tear.

    2. Hi-if you can hand sew this could be made without a sewing machine. Sometimes, I enjoy sewing by hand. It won’t be as easy but is doable following the same steps!

  2. Super cute tutorial. I think when I make mine, I’m gonna make it a little wider so it’ll hopefully hold a few more items. I’m thinking of making it 9″ x 6″ instead of 9″ x 4″. THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to say that my favorite JoAnn craft product is…. fabric! (couldn’t post on the contest screen) & I am determined to make this project! (

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